How to use the USM correctly? do we need to take care of something?

How to use the USM correctly? do we need to take care of something?

An angle grinder is a tool we use to cut metal and stone. When in use, it spins at high speed. Improper use may result in accidental injury.

Let's see what you should pay attention to when using an angle grinder:

1. Before operation, operator must check that accessories are in good condition and that insulated cables are not damaged or worn. After making sure that there are no problems, connect power supply and start.

2. When using an angle grinder, you must hold handle firmly with both hands to prevent starting torque from dropping and causing injury. In this case, angle grinder must be used with a protective cover.

How to use the USM correctly? do we need to take care of something?

3. Secondly, when we are working, do not stand in direction of chips, so that iron chips will not fly out and hurt eyes. It is recommended to wear safety goggles when using. And when using it, there should be no people within a radius of one meter around, no explosives, not to mention work towards people.

4. Generally, if you use it for half an hour, you need to stop cooling for 20 minutes, and you cannot work without interruption. After use, grinding wheel must be replaced, and to replace it, power must be turned off, and it cannot be replaced while it is connected to mains.

If you want your angle grinder to last a long time, you must maintain it well. Maintenance mainly includes following items:

Always check that power cord is securely connected, that plug is not loose, and that switch operation is flexible and reliable. Check if brush is worn too short, and replace brush in time. Check tool inlet and outlet for blockages and remove oil and dirt from any part of tool. It is necessary to add lubricant in time so that angle grinder works better.

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