Headlights are indispensable outdoors, remember these 5 points to help you choose right headlights.

Compared with ordinary flashlights, headlamps are worn directly on head, which can free up hands, so whether we are doing maintenance of items, or building tents, walking at night, fishing, etc., it will be more convenient, so headlamps - a must for street.

How should headlights be chosen? Don't forget to look at these points when choosing!

1. Weight

After all, lantern is worn on head. If it is too heavy, load on head will also increase. After wearing it for a long time, head will feel heavy and uncomfortable. For long distance outdoor trips, it is recommended that weight does not exceed 60 grams.

2. Brightness

There is not enough light outside. Headlight brightness is indicated in lumens. The higher lumens, more light headlights emit, but battery drains faster. Therefore, this must be clearly understood.

3. Light duration

Whether it's a flashlight or a headlamp, duration of light is very important and it can't be turned off until after an hour. When purchasing, you need to know continuous lighting time of headlight. If there are several brightness levels, it is also recommended to know how long headlight can be lit in high light mode and in power saving mode so that we can consider it.

4. Waterproof

Regular ones are usually protected from rain. If you need to go diving or spelunking, requirements for waterproofing are higher. Therefore, you need to know more about it when purchasing and choose according to your needs.

5. Elastic band for a lantern

For users who wear it on their head every day, no matter how strong material is, it will weaken, so you can buy an extra pair when you buy.

The above are points to understand when buying headlights, but more importantly, when buying, we need to understand our own needs, whether they are used for outdoor maintenance or for night walks, how long it usually takes, and on what environment is like So you can choose headlight that suits you.