How to choose a good electric hammer? Here are 6 things you need to watch!

How to choose a good electric hammer? Here are 6 things you need to watch!

An electric hammer is a tool used in finishing. It is used for punching holes in walls, concrete, stone and other materials. Many people need to use it. How to choose an electric hammer? ?

Generally speaking, a good electric hammer will have these characteristics. When choosing, we should also pay attention to whether electric hammer has them.

1. Cushioning system

The use of an electric hammer is often accompanied by strong vibration. If impact absorption function of electric hammer is poor, hand will hurt after long-term use. Such an electric hammer cannot be used for a long time. So when we choose, we need to see if electric hammer has a cushioning function.

2. Protection system

When we use an electric hammer, our own safety is also very important, so when we choose an electric hammer, we should see if electric hammer has an insulation protection function. The best electric hammer will also have overheat protection and an automatic power off function .

How to choose a good electric hammer? Here are 6 things you need to watch!

3. Safety clutch

It is also a protection for us to avoid large torque reaction force caused by sticking of drill during use, and can also prevent gearbox and motor from stalling.

4. Speed ​​switch

When switch is lightly touched, speed is reduced, which helps machine to drill smoothly, and can use high speed to ensure normal operation efficiency.

5. Motor protection device

It is unavoidable that granular solid objects will enter machine during use. If motor is not protected, it is easy to hit hard objects and damage enamel wire during high-speed rotation, causing motor failure.

6. Forward and reverse function

It can further expand scope of electric hammer, mainly by switching or adjusting position of carbon brush. Conventionally, prior art tools use to adjust position of carbon brush to achieve this. easy to operate and effectively suppresses sparks, protecting collector and prolonging life of engine.

When choosing an electric hammer, we also need to pay attention to our use case. If you need to work outdoors or away from a power source, you can choose a lithium battery model. If you use it indoors, travel distance will not be too long. You can choose the plug-in type.

The above are some points to consider when choosing an electric hammer. Bingtong MRO Guangzhou one-stop purchasing platform provides Stanley, Bosch, Xideli and other brands electric hammers. Welcome to consultation.