How to store hardware? Introducing 4 main hardware save points!

How to store hardware? Introducing 4 main hardware save points!

Apartment tools are indispensable items in a variety of homes and industries, including hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, power drills, angle grinders, and more. Using right tools can make job easier, more efficient, and more accurate. However, if stored improperly, these tools can easily wear out, rust, reduce efficiency, and even be a safety hazard. Therefore, it is very important to properly store hardware.

Let's talk about key points of saving hardware.

1. Dry storage

The metal surface of hardware is susceptible to moisture and oxidation, so choose a dry storage environment to prevent rust. It is best to choose a well-ventilated and dry place, such as a toolbox or closet. To keep your tools dry, you can put some desiccant or moisture protectant in your toolbox or cabinet.

How to store hardware? Introducing 4 main hardware save points!

2. Secret Vault

Different types of hardware require different forces, materials, and shapes to use, so it's best to store them by category to avoid mutual extrusion and friction. According to different purposes, hardware tools can be sorted and placed in different drawers or sections for easy access and management.

3. Wipe it clean

Equipment should be wiped with a clean cloth before and after use. This removes dust and dirt and prevents damage due to dirt. Especially should be regularly wiped and lubricated moving parts on surface of tools such as pliers and wrenches.

4. Regular maintenance

Hardware maintenance is very important. If rust, deformation, looseness and other problems are found, they must be dealt with in time. The bayonet of pliers and wrench, as well as inner shaft of torque wrench, must be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Consumable parts such as drills and saw blades should be replaced in a timely manner according to conditions of use to ensure efficiency and quality of work.

Major hardware storage points - here are points, I hope they will be useful to you.