How to use a hex wrench How about a hex wrench?

How to use a hex wrench How about a hex wrench?

A hex wrench is a common hand tool used to tighten or loosen hex bolts or nuts. The hex wrench is commonly used in fields of automobile maintenance, machinery, furniture installation, etc. It has following advantages:1. Simple Design: The design of hex wrench is simple and consists of several parts, which are easy to maintain and replace parts.

2. Flexible operation: use of a hex key is simple, no power supply or other external equipment is required, operation is flexible and convenient, plug and play.

3.Wide range of applications: hex wrench is suitable for repair and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, automobiles, bicycles, electrical appliances and other industries.

How to use a hex wrench How about a hex wrench?

How to use hex wrench:

1. Choose right hex wrench: First, you need to choose right hex wrench according to size and specification of bolt or nut. If size of hex wrench does not match, it may cause wrench to slip, teeth to slip, or damage to bolt or nut.

2. Insert a hex wrench into a bolt or nut: Insert a hex head into hex hole of bolt or nut to ensure a secure connection between hex wrench and bolt or nut.

3. By turning an internal hex wrench: Use hand force or a torque wrench with a wrench to loosen bolt or nut counterclockwise and tighten bolt or nut clockwise.

It should be noted that following safety precautions must be observed when using a hex wrench:

1. Before use, check whether dimensions of wrench and bolt or nut are same.

2. When using a torque wrench, set appropriate torque according to specifications and requirements of bolt or nut.

3. If wrench cannot turn bolt or nut, do not use too much force or increase length of wrench, so as not to damage wrench or cause other accidents.

In short, hex wrench is a simple and practical hand tool, flexible and convenient to use, as well as safe and reliable to operate. When choosing an internal hex wrench, you must choose appropriate specification and size according to your needs to ensure efficiency and quality of work.