electrical tools name

electrical tools name

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Electricians and DIY enthusiasts alike use a variety of electrical tools to perform various tasks. Some of most commonly used electrical tools include:

1. Wire Strippers – These tools are used to strip insulation off wires. Wire strippers come in different sizes and are designed for different types of wires.

2. Pliers – These tools are used to grip, twist, and cut wires. Pliers come in many different shapes and sizes, including needle-nose pliers, slip-joint pliers, and cutting pliers.

3. Screwdrivers –These tools are used to fasten screws into electrical components. Screwdrivers come in many different sizes and types, including flat-head, Phillips-head, and Torx-head.

4. Multimeter – This tool is used to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electrical circuits. The tool has two probes that are attached to circuit, and readings are displayed on a digital screen.

5. Circuit Tester – This tool is used to test presence of electricity in a circuit. It can be used to identify faulty sockets, switches, or other electrical components.

6. Cable Ties – These are used to secure and organize cables and wires. They come in different lengths, widths, strength, and colors.

7. Power Drills – These are used to create holes in wood, metal or any other surface quickly. Electric power drills come with different types of bits, which can be used for different materials.

8. Heat Gun – This tool is used to apply heat to surfaces, such as wires or shrink-wrap tubing, which then shrink and wrap tightly around surface.

electrical tools name

9. Soldering Iron – This tool is used to join metal wires and components by melting a filler metal into a joint. It is commonly used in electronics and hobbyist projects.

10. Oscilloscope – This tool is used to visualize voltage level and frequency of signals in electrical circuits. It helps to diagnose and troubleshoot electrical faults in electronic devices.

In conclusion, there are a variety of electrical tools used by electricians and DIY enthusiasts alike. These tools are designed to perform a specific task, and they help to make work more efficient and accurate. Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, it is important to have right tools for job.