socket head dimensions

socket head dimensions

Socket Head Cap Screws, often known simply as Socket Screws, are used in many applications due to their strength and versatility. A Socket Screw is a fastener that has a cap or head that is cylindrical in shape, and includes a unique internal drive (or recess) that allows you to use a simple hex key to drive screw into place.

socket head dimensions

Socket cap screws are available with a variety of head styles and drive configurations, such as slotted, hex, Torx, or Phillips. It’s important to understand different types of head styles and drive configurations, as this will help you determine which style is best for job at hand.

One of most common socket head styles is Socket Head Cap Screw. This style of socket head has a cylindrical body and a “cap” that is slightly larger than diameter of body. This style of socket head is commonly used in machinery and product assembly, as raised head with internal drive provides a secure fit while still allowing for quick and easy disassembly. The size of head will vary depending on application, but most common sizes are 8-32, 10-32, and 1/4".

The drive type of socket head also varies. Slotted, Torx, and Phillips are three most commonly used, but other drive types such as hex, spanner, and Robertson are also available. Slotted drives are most common socket head drive type and are available in both standard and security variants. Torx drives are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior strength and ability to withstand higher torque. Phillips drives are best suited for light-duty applications.

When selecting socket head screws, it’s important to consider overall diameter, thread length, head type, drive type, and material. Socket head screws are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and alloy steel. The material you choose should be determined by application you are using screws for. For example, stainless steel is best suited for corrosive environments, while brass is more suitable for applications that require a low level of electrical conductivity.

When selecting socket head screws, it’s important to be aware of precise dimensions of each style, as this will determine strength and durability of screw. For instance, 8-32 socket head screws have a diameter of 0.164”, a thread length of 0.25”, and a width of 0.25”. 10-32 socket heads are 0.190” in diameter, 0.312” in thread length, and 0.375” wide.

Knowing dimensions of socket head you are working with is essential for ensuring that screw is strong enough for job it is being used for. It will also help you select appropriate driver for job. When selecting socket head screws for a project, it’s important to consider size, material, and drive type of screw, as well as its specific dimensions, to ensure that you are getting best possible results.