which torque wrench is best

When it comes to buying a torque wrench, it’s important to know what type of wrench is best for job you’re trying to do. There are a lot of different brands and types of torque wrenches available on market, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which torque wrench is best for your project, here’s a rundown on different types of torque wrenches.

The first type of torque wrench is click type. This type of wrench is very popular, as it is most affordable and easy to use. This type of wrench is great for small jobs, as it gives you an audible click when specific torque has been applied. It does not, however, provide very accurate measurements.

The next type of torque wrench is digital type. This type of wrench is more expensive than click type, but also much more accurate. The advantage of digital torque wrenches is that they have an LCD screen which displays amount of torque being applied. They are also easy to read and use, and are ideal for larger projects.

The third type of torque wrench is beam type. Beam wrenches are most accurate type available, and they have advantage of being able to measure torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. They are also most expensive type of torque wrench, and they are usually only used by professional mechanics and machinists.

In conclusion, each type of torque wrench has its own pros and cons. The type of wrench you use will depend on type of project you are working on. If you’re looking to do a small job such as tightening bolts, a click type will suffice. For more complex jobs, a beam type may be a better option. If accuracy is your primary concern, a digital torque wrench will be your best bet. No matter which type you decide to go with, make sure to use it with caution, as excessive torque can be dangerous.