10 small household items that

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

There are some interesting lazy things in this issue. Lazy people will definitely fall in love at first sight.

As for hard working people, they may want to complain at first, and if they understand, they may feel that this is a revelation, and they may even be imprisoned.

1. Automatic mixing glass

Diligent people may be concerned about the current state of people when they see him, and may suddenly say:

Are people really that lazy? Tired of mixing it up?

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

Lazy people don't have to bother explaining, they'll just say: You're right!

But it's actually not as simple as saving energy by stirring.

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

Compared to stirring with a spoon, this also solves 2 problems:

Firstly, it can be stirred more evenly, avoiding embarrassment due to agglomeration of soy milk powder and milk powder, and of course, these drinks are tastier and softer to a certain extent;

Secondly, you can get rid of the stirring spoon, which has nowhere to put it. If you use a spoon to stir, people will always think it's impossible. Put it in a cup, bicker, put it on the table and throw away the piece of paper.

2. Electrostatic cloth

Diligent people don't know how to use a rag!

Dust on furniture is removed with a rag, which is cleaner. Of course, they will also feel that disposable electrostatic rags are wasteful and useless!

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

Lazy people love a rag. Their opinion is that it is almost pure.

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

When you come across such a disposable rag, you can throw it away after use, and this saves you the trouble of taking care of the rag itself. Of course, it looks like a treasure.

But this is not the main competitiveness of electrostatic dust collectors! Its main competitiveness is mainly in two aspects:

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

One of them: a retractable boot that allows people to easily reach high places and not climb up and down;

Second: static electricity that adsorbs dust, so using an electrostatic cloth does not raise dust, wipe it again and again, it can really make the furniture clean, not just blow dust into the air like a regular cloth and then back.

As for single use, actually a person should be economical. If you think it's wasteful and not environmentally friendly, you can wash it and reuse it for the second time.

3. Automatic watering device

My mother is an absolute hardworking person, so when she came to my house and found out about the automatic watering device I bought, she could not resist scolding:

Ancestors of Xu! If you are too lazy to water the flowers, don't grow them.

10 small household items that "allow the lazy to lie flat, and the hardworking to open their eyes"

I was too lazy to argue with her, so I said: But I think the flowers are beautiful!

But I didn't actually buy this automatic watering machine just because I'm too lazy to water the flowers! There are two more goals:

One of them: I'm afraid I'll forget to water the flowers. In fact, watering the flowers does not hurt. For me, every time I water the flowers, it gives people a sense of leisure. I don't have much time, so I always forget to water the flowers.

Second: I often go out of town with my wife, but there is no one at home for a week. So that the flowers do not freeze from thirst, I bought an automatic watering device that slowly drips water.

4. Self-adhesive bandage for animals

A hard-working person will complain: “If you want your dog to look like a foreigner, put shoes on it and tie a bandage. Is this supposed to be funny?

Lazy: I won't wear those "crazy" dog shoes, that's too funny!

The reason a dog's paws are bandaged is not for decoration, but to protect them from dirt.

If you go out for a walk on a rainy day, the dog's feet will inevitably get dirty with dirty water. When you go home, it will be on the floor, tie the bandage and remove the bandage when you go home. The dog's paws are clean, except for the need to wash the floor .

5. Spray a horizontal mop

I can't deal with this. Flat mops and water jet mops are mostly hardworking people.

Because in their eyes, the mop mop has a strong cleaning power, mopping the floor is not tiring, and mopping is not a problem.

But in the eyes of the lazy, the mop is very heavy, and you need a flat mop, a walking tool for cleaning floors;

Washing the mop is also very tiring. You need a flat mop that can spray water.

But that's not all mops. Compared with mop mop, it has three advantages:

First, it's easy to store, right at hand, and can be hung on the wall without taking up space.

Second: thin, gaps can be drilled;

Third, spraying water can make the ground slightly damp, and after washing the floor, there will be practically no water stains.

6. Tea dirt cleaner

Diligent people usually don't like to drink tea, so they will naturally ask lazy people who drink tea without understanding:

How lazy can you be? The kettle is so dirty that I don't even clean it.

This time, the hardworking person is wrong and the lazy person is lazy. Even if you wash it every time you drink it, tea stains will inevitably remain on the teapot.

To combat tea stains, the tricks of diligent people really do not work, so we can only use the methods of lazy people - tea stain removers.

Pour the tea stain remover into the kettle, add water and let it bubble and work automatically.

Without washing by hand, the kettle can be restored to the state that is visible from the factory.

Nand this time it was the turn of the lazy to rise to the heights of delusion and say: You see, we lazy, though lazy, but we are smart, and we can clean the kettle without scrubbing.

7. Automatic drinking straw

The name of this thing is easily misunderstood by hard-working people. Hearing this name, I can start complaining:

A straw, but also a machine gun! You are so lazy that you drink!

But it should really be called: Automatic Beverage Pump.

Its function is to relieve the cup of the need to "pour the drink" and to help the cup fill the drink in the bottle.

It will also be problematic for lazy people to put it in a small bottle.

A better scenario: the fridge is stocked with large buckets of drinks, milk, etc., and adding an automatic drinking straw can help avoid issues with exiting and refilling the drink.

8. Oil-tight cover for gas stove

In my house, I used an oil-tight lid for a gas stove. Hardworking best friend, I don't understand.

Why can't you wipe off the oil stains on the bottom cover of the furnace and the bottom of the furnace? Make it look bad!

At the time, I thought she was very diligent and had the patience to clean the stove.

Later, I moved to a new house in my own house and bought a new gas stove with a closed burner (the entire fire cover and shelf can be removed, which is easy to clean). I realized that these are not hardworking girlfriends, but a gas stove is too big a difference.

So, for a closed stove, an oil-tight cover is not really needed, but for a gas stove that cannot remove the fire cover, an oil-tight cover is very important, I really didn’t see it!

9. Garbage bag shelf

Trash bag holder, handy for covering trash bags.

This is my response to my mother's request, my hard-working mother didn't complain about me.

I think it's because she saw that I didn't use the special trash bag and thought I'd live a good life, so she didn't mention me.

We, lazy people, although lazy, can save money!

The reason I bought this trash can at first sight was mainly because I always felt it was harder to fix trash cans with different plastic bags of different sizes.

After extensive use, I also discovered three other benefits of this trash folder:

One of them: put it on the kitchen worktop, it's more convenient to scatter things;

Second: you can also hang rags on it;

Third, when folded, it can be inserted into the storage slot.

10. Urine alkali solvent

In the eyes of hardworking people, the toilet is made in such a way, usually lazily!

But in fact it is not! It's just that this toilet has been used for a long time and some of the lye in the urine has rusted over time. Not only can you seelye in the urine on the glaze, but there will be a lot of rust inside the pipes, which will make the toilet more likely to block.

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Lazy people don't know how to use physical methods to get through and clean hard. Urine alkali solvent will be used directly.

Pour it into water and let stand one night, not only the urine scale that can be seen is removed, but also the urine scale in the pipe. toilet! The hardworking are jealous!

Okay, that's the end of this question. From these good points, we can conclude that everything must be looked at comprehensively before judging. Perhaps this is what ordinary people need.