Introduction and advantages of pneumatic torque wrench

Introducing the pneumatic torque wrench:

The pneumatic torque wrench is a torque wrench powered by a high pressure air pump. The torque multiplier with three or more rotating gears is driven by one or two powerful pneumatic motors. Torque is controlled by adjusting the gas pressure. In order to be able to set specific torque requirements, each tool is equipped with a special air pressure vs. torque comparison table and a calibration report. And once the required torque has been obtained, the air source can be closed manually or automatically by means of a suitable circuit system.

Advantages of a pneumatic torque wrench:

In the production line or when a large number of nuts need to be tightened, choosing a pneumatic torque wrench with a power device can save a lot of working time and labor, and effectively improve work efficiency.

The operation of the pneumatic torque wrench is silent - less than 85 dB (A), absolutely without shock, which reduces damage to tools, sockets and blocked objects. These two factors allow the person using the tool to work comfortably, reduce fatigue, improve safety, the maximum torque can reach 30,000Nm , the maximum torque can reach 30,000Nm #气动pump#

Pneumatic torque wrench provides precise torque control - repeatability is ±5%, equipped with sensor + solenoid valve switch, repeatability can reach ±2%. #Fixed Torque Pneumatic Wrench#

Pneumatic torque wrench is widely used in aerospace, mining, petrochemical and railway industries due to its small size, light weight, large output power per unit weight, large output torque, small reaction force, small environmental pollution and low cost. Construction, assembly and maintenance of heavy vehicles, loading and unloading of heavy equipment and many other fields are widely used, especially in product manufacturing and assembly lines, especially where large torque is required.