Stages of operation and maintenance of the truss manipulator

Stages of operation and maintenance of the truss manipulator

Pharmacy manipulators are widely used in CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers and other manufacturing fields to realize automated production operations, improve production efficiency and product quality stability, and truss manipulators are being used more and more widely.

Stages of operation and maintenance of the truss manipulator

The truss arm is quite effective in the factory building automation device. It replaces manual control and can operate 24 hours a day, making the enterprise more competitive. High speed of work and stable efficiency - the mission and tasks of the truss manipulator. When working with the truss manipulator, a certain order must be observed, otherwise not only the manipulator will be damaged, but in serious cases an accident may occur, so this step must be strictly observed:

Steps of the truss manipulator operation:

1. Before entering the truss arm safe area, be sure to turn off the main power source and air pressure source, and disconnect the air and power connectors. Before operating the truss arm, be sure to check that there is no water or oil in the electrical control box. If the appliance is wet, do not turn on the equipment and always check that the supply voltage is correct. equipment and circuit health;

2. Make sure the direction of rotation of the motor is the same, then turn on the power.

3. When it is necessary to dismantle the gantry truss robot, turn off the power supply of the injection molding machine, the power supply of the manipulator and the air pressure source of the manipulator;

4. Relieve air pressure. Loosen the fixing screws of the cylinder fixing plate, move the lever and move the buffer seat so that it comes close to the lever;

5. Tighten the fixed plate of the drawing cylinder so that the lever cannot move, lock the rotation safety screw so that the truss arm cannot rotate, etc.

Stages of operation and maintenance of the truss manipulator Truss arm maintenance:

1. Check if the timing belt tension is correct, check if there are air leaks in the air pipe and cylinder, check if the gasket is loose, check if the screws of each component are loose, and tighten them.

2. Clean the filter pressure reducing valve and muffler;

3. Check if the negative pressure sensor is working (whether it gives an alarm if the product is not sucked up);

5. Whether the magnetic ring switch of the device is working normally (is the product not clamped or the handle has worked);

6. Check if the bolts of all moving parts are tight or loose;

7. Determine if the pipeline is damaged or if the wire connection is loose;

8. Wipe the dust and oil on the truss arm to make sure the arm is clean;

9. Wipe the truss manipulator guide, oil stains and dust on the slider, add new lubricating oil, check the inside of the electric control box: clean of dust, check the wiring terminals, relay connectors and electronic components on the circuit board is loose.

Operators must comply with the relevant requirements when working with the CNC machine arm. This can effectively avoid the occurrence of incorrect operations and cause equipment problems. The failure rate is low, and it can effectively guarantee the operation of the CNC machine. the use of the manipulator is normal, and the service life can be extended.