Demolition Tools - Rescue Basics

Demolition Tools - Rescue Basics

Earthquakes can lead to collapse of houses, collapse of mountains, subsidence of the roadway, landslides on the side slopes and other natural disasters. Sometimes people can become trapped, making rescue efforts more difficult. So, how can we effectively rescue trapped people? It is very difficult to rely only on the experience or hands of firefighters, so we need to use important tools to help achieve the goal of rescue as quickly as possible. These tools that can remove obstacles are demolition tools.

Many people don't know anything about demolition tools. Chenge gathered some information, hoping to give everyone a general idea of ​​demolition tools. In a nutshell, the demolition tool is designed to dismantle objects that interfere with our rescue, such as: hitting and chiseling concrete and stone walls, cutting, punching, lifting, lifting, removing obstacles, etc. Remove anti-theft doors, windows, windows bars, etc., in order to open the life channel for the victims as soon as possible and get a chance at life. For different environments, there are also differences in the use of life-saving appliances. Let's talk about the types and applicable conditions of life-saving appliances.

Hydraulic Rescue Tools: Used to cut through door frames, car frames, or non-metal structures in case of accidents to rescue victims who are trapped or trapped in dangerous environments. High energy and fast working. Hydraulic products have high power consumption and fast working efficiency, but the equipment is heavy.

Demolition Tools - Rescue Basics

Hand-held demolition tools: easy to carry, stretch, squeeze, large or small, take apart and reinstall, known as "variable gold steel". There are axes, door breakers, fire axes, picks, shovels, knives, axes, etc. Rescue work is mainly carried out by the operator. It does not require energy and is suitable for emergency rescue work with little urgency.

Electric demolition tool: works fast, can combine cutting head at will, and has functions such as expanding, cutting and quickly breaking steel bars. Also includes chainsaws, electric drills, electric welders, etc. Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to cut, punch and overcome obstacles.

Mobile demolition tools: including motorized saws, motorized picks, forklifts, excavators, etc. Mainly use fuel as energy to convert mechanical energy to demolish and remove obstacles. Fast work efficiency, not dependent on power supply.

Pneumatic rescue tools: including pneumatic cutters, pneumatic picks, air bags, etc. It works by converting mechanical energy into high pressure air.

Bullet-powered demolition tools, including locking guns, double-ended door rams, pliers, etc., that use high-pressure gas generated by the explosion of ammunition as a source of energy. Small equipment, high efficiency and high energy. It can break the anti-theft door by force and unlock the door lock.