Socket wrench introduction, selection and use of socket head tools

Socket wrench introduction, selection and use of socket head tools

Socket wrench introduction, selection and use of socket head tools

A socket wrench is the most convenient, versatile and safest tool for servicing and loosening bolts. It is not easy to damage the corners of the nut with a socket wrench.

It is mainly used for the end of the nut, or the end of the bolt is completely below the connecting surface, and the diameter of the concave hole cannot be used for an open end wrench, adjustable wrench or ring spanner, so a socket wrench is used. In addition, the space for bolts is limited , and only a socket wrench can be used.

A socket wrench is commonly referred to as a socket wrench: it consists of several heads with hex or twelve-point holes and is equipped with various accessories such as handles and rods, a deep-set bolt or nut. The sleeve is divided into metric and imperial. Although the concave shape of the sleeve is the same, the outer diameter, length, etc. are designed according to the shape and size of the corresponding equipment. There is no uniform regulation in the country, so the design of the sleeve is relatively flexible. To meet the needs of the population. Socket wrenches are usually supplied with a set of sockets of various specifications and rotary handles, extensions, universal joints, screwdriver connections, angle handles, etc. for installing hex nuts. The end head of the socket wrench is a concave hexagonal cylinder, the key is usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel, the key head has a given hardness, and the middle and handle parts are elastic.

Socket wrench introduction, selection and use of socket head tools

There are two reasons for lengthening: first, to make it easier for you to get to hard-to-reach places, and second, to lengthen the moment arm so you can use the same force and torque. It is convenient for you to remove a few tight screws.

Existing domestic socket wrench manufacturers are concentrated in a few provinces such as Zhejiang and Shandong, and a large number of manufacturers represented by Taiwan-funded or supported companies begin to target the domestic market, such as the largest domestic socket wrench manufacturer --- Zhejiang Tuojin Hardware Tools is a representative manufacturer among them. The leading enterprises of the industry, represented by Tuojin, contribute to the progress and development of the entire industry. In addition, there are still several excellent manufacturers in China who continue to develop and innovate and gradually improve socket wrench technology. For example, the most innovative manufacturer in China, Huafeng Giant Arrow Tools, has improved the surface treatment of socket wrenches. A national patent has been obtained.

Sleeve specifications

According to the torque of the dismantled bolts and different working conditions, the heads can be divided into three series: large, medium and small, and can be distinguished by the width of the corresponding square stud of the handle.

Choose the right socket based on your workspace size, torque requirements, and bolt or nut size.

The sleeve is shaped like a short tube, and one end is hexagonal or dodecagonal inside and is used to close the bolt head; the other end has a square head hole which is used to interact with the square tenon. corresponding handle.

The common ones are 6.3mm series, 10mm series and 12.5mm series. If they are expressed in inches, they correspond to 1/4" series, 3/8" series, and 1/2" series.

Socket type

In addition to the usual standard sockets, there are many special sockets, such as long hexagonal sockets, hexagonal or dodecagonal flower sockets, pneumatic sockets, screwdriver sockets, etc. If the head is shaped into a special shape

bolts and nuts must be disassembled using a special sleeve.

1) Long Hex

The hex long socket is 3 times deeper than the standard socket and is one of the most commonly used retrofit sockets in automotive maintenance.

2) Pneumatic bushing

Pneumatic sockets are specifically used with pneumatic impact wrenches. When using conventional sockets, the air impact wrench produces a short, strong impact during operation, which can damage the socket.

The special pneumatic bushing is made of special alloy chromium steel, and the wall thickness is increased by a percentageesse of production, strength is reduced and toughness is increased, which allows it to be adapted to harsh working conditions.

The square stud of the air impact wrench is equipped with an O-shaped retaining ring to prevent the socket from being ejected from the air wrench during operation.

3) Dodecagonal flower rosette

Flower rosette There are two types of shape of the inner diameter of the rosette: hexagonal and twelve-pointed (double hexagon). The hex head has a large contact surface with bolts and nuts, which is not easy to damage the surface of bolts and nuts; the corners of the twelve-pointed sleeve are only spaced apart

30°, it can easily catch the bolt, suitable for removing the bolt in a narrow space.

Tips: The dodecagonal flower-shaped head cannot disassemble the bolts with high torque or worn edges, because the contact surface between it and the bolts is small, and it is easy to damage the edges and corners of the bolts or lead to accidents due to slippage.


Flower sockets are for removing flower head bolts. When dismounting, the flower-shaped sleeve can achieve surface contact with the bolt head and has a curved surface structure, which can increase the dismounting torque while reducing the volume.

In modern models, the use of flower head bolts is gradually increasing, and they are often used for door bolts or intake manifold studs, etc.

Reminder: If the size of the flower sleeve is incorrect, the difference between "T" and "E" is listed first, and then the difference in size. The flower-shaped chisel is called T (column head) and the flower-shaped socket is called E (recessed head).

5) Series screwdriver socket

A screwdriver sleeve, combined with a matching handle, forms various screwdrivers or hex keys that are used to loosen specially shaped head bolts or small screws with excessive torque.

With the development of automotive manufacturing technology, hexagon head bolts and hexagon socket bolts are increasingly being used in automobiles. The above bolts are used for the headless screw on the drive pulley, the transmission oil drain bolt and the shock piston rod bolt. If you want to remove this bolt, you must use a special hex key and hex wrench.

When using a screwdriver to secure a slotted or Phillips screw, a lifting phenomenon may occur and the tightening torque is limited. Thus, the use of hex head bolts and socket head bolts in automobiles continues to grow.

Medium Hole Flower Nozzle differs from the normal nozzle in that it is hollow in the middle, which is suitable for removing flower shaped bolts with protrusions in the middle. Screwdriver sleeve works ondifferently with different handles. A ratchet wrench can be used for fast screwing, it can also be connected to a rack for long-term use, and large torque can be applied to screws that cannot be tightened with ordinary screwdrivers. When using, ensure that sufficient downward pressure is applied to the screwdriver hub to prevent the screwdriver hub from slipping out of the screw head.

When using a socket screwdriver head to remove or tighten a screw, be sure to check for debris in the hex or flower hole of the bolt head and clean it in time to avoid damaging the bolt. or yourself due to tool slippage. The bit connector is an important auxiliary tool used to connect the bit and the corresponding handle. If there is no bit connector, the bit cannot be used. Bits are the same as bit sockets but are used with bit adapters. The combination of a bit adapter and a bit to form a bit socket is a device that is cheaper to manufacture than a bit socket.