How to connect PE-X pipes for underfloor heating?

How to connect PE-X pipes for underfloor heating?

The vast majority of PE-X pipes use mechanical copper fittings. According to the structure of copper pipe fittings, they can be divided into nut fittings, clamp fittings and expansion push fittings.

How to connect PE-X pipes for underfloor heating? 1 fitting with nut

The ferrule type of nut is mainly associated with the rotation of the nut to compress the open C-ring. As the nut is tightened, the C-ring is constantly closed, compressing the pipe and the fitting core. to make the connection. Its main features are ease of installation and dismantling, as well as ease of maintenance. No special tools are required for installation. The disadvantage is that if the nut is loose, leakage will occur.

2 clamp fittings

When installing, first put the stainless steel sleeve or red copper ring on the pipe, and then insert the fitting core into the pipe. Compress the stainless steel sleeve or copper ring with a clamping tool to permanently deform the stainless steel or copper ring, and the pipe and fitting core are crimped together. Clamp type tube fittings are tightly connected, no leakage, tools are used for crimping, the connection is relatively reliable, it is not easy to disassemble and maintain.

3 expandable push fittings

Reaming push type fittings: When installing, first insert the fitting's pressure sleeve into one end of the pipe, use a flare tool to ream the pipe, and insert the pipe

The main body of the fitting is inserted into the pipe, and then a push tool is used to push the compression sleeve of the fitting to the bottom of the main body. Push-type fittings, the seal is very reliable, due to the expansion of the pipe material, the diameter of the fittings is small, and the pressure loss is small. However, installation requires two special installation tools, and the cost of fittings is relatively high. It is difficult to disassemble and repair pipe fittings. PE-X pipes for underfloor heating are usually connected using fittings with nuts and water collectors. Union nut fittings are easy to assemble and dismantle, as well as easy to maintain.

Regardless of which connection method is used, it must be ensured that the pipe is tightened so that there is no possibility of leakage. Different connection methods have different advantages and can be selected according to needs.