What tile tools are there ?

What tile tools are there ?

Tile is a very common finishing material in decorating. There are many small details to pay attention to when laying tiles. For beginners in decorating, this will double the result for half the effort of preparing the tools required for laying tiles! So, what are tile laying tools?

What are tile laying tools: What tile tools are there ?

1. Tile adhesive:

Tile adhesive is an auxiliary material for gluing tiles. It has advantages such as protection against penetration, aging and frost-thaw, shedding, voiding and other problems. In China's decorative industry, the auxiliary material for traditional tiling is cement mortar.


1) Strong stickiness. The viscosity of tile adhesive is very high, several times that of cement mortar, and for tiles of different sizes and weights, the viscosity level of tile adhesive is also different, mainly divided into three types: ordinary type, reinforced type and heavy brick. type of. The tile adhesive is especially suitable for using floor tiles on the wall, it won't fall off or extrude!

2) Easy to use and easy to assemble. In the early stage of construction, compared with the traditional cement mortar, the tile adhesive only needs to be mixed with water according to the proportion indicated in the manual, and it is not easy to make a mistake, while the cement mortar requires a special master to mix the ratio by experience, when processing tiles, the use of tile adhesive also does not need to pre-soak the tiles in water, but the cement mortar is not enough! during construction, tile adhesive only needs to be applied in a thin layer, while applying cement mortar requires masterful experience!


1) Tile adhesive is expensive. The cost of using tile adhesive is three times the cost of cement mortar. Many people will not choose tile adhesive on a cost-saving basis if they can.

2) Building habits are different. Although the tile adhesive is applied in a thin layer, the base and wall must be very even, and if they are not even, they must first be leveled.

What tile tools are there ?

2. Plastic sheet:

Plastic sheets can help tiles stay in place during the laying process by placing a plastic sheet between two floor tiles.

3. Electric cutting machine, manual cutting knife:

Tiles usually have fixed specifications and dimensions, such as: 800*800mm, 600*600mm, etc., but they need to be matched and adjusted according to the area of ​​the house when paving. Not every tile size is suitable, adjust the area and cut the tile. At this time, electric cutting machines, manual cutting knives and other cutting tools are needed.

4. Tooth scraper:

Toothed scraper actually refers to a toothed scraper that is commonly used for scraping dirt and leveling. When we use cement mortar for laying tiles, we also use a tooth scraper as a tool. When using tile adhesive, you must use a toothed scraper to scrape the tile adhesive into the groove to avoid voids.

5. Trowel:

The trowel can spread the mortar evenly behind the tiles, assist in laying the tiles, and has the functions of quick smearing and filling the plaster.

What tile tools are there ?

6. Tile Aligner:

Tile levelers are widely used abroad, and domestic craftsmen, as a rule, use their own experience instead of these auxiliary materials. But if you are new to mosaic decoration, you can use these gadgets.

Advantages: There are many types and shapes of tile levelers on the market, the main components can be reused, and the price is low.

7. Other tools:

1) Shovel: used for mixing cement and sand.

2) Ash Bucket: Used to store cement mortar.

3) Large water tank: used for soaking tiles.

4) Spirit level and ruler: used to determine the height of the paving and check the evenness of the paving.

5) Rubber mallet: Hammer the tile to make it compact and flat.

Nylon Wire: Used to stretch the wire to keep the tile level.

White Cloth: Used to wrap the rubber mallet to keep the rubber mallet from contaminating the surface of the brick.

What tile tools are there ?