List of Hand Pallet Truck Faults

List of Hand Pallet Truck Faults

Hand pallet truck is also known as cattle chopping forklift. It is not uncommon for a small malfunction to occur while using the truck, and many people have asked for solutions using knowledge and forums. In fact, the malfunction of a manual hydraulic cart is not difficult to solve, the main thing is to "prescribe the right medicine."

No. Troubleshooting method 

1. Fork frame cannot rise to maximum height Insufficient hydraulic oil Refueling 

2. Fork frame cannot be raised No hydraulic oil Oil contaminated Adjusting bolt too high to open release valve Hydraulic oil is in the presence of air, refuel, change oil, adjust and bleed air, replace the large piston 

3. The fork cannot be lowered. Because the cargo is located on one side or overloaded, the cargo pump body with the large piston is damaged. · The yoke is in the raised position for a long time, which exposes the large piston to rust and blocks the movement of the piston. · Adjusting bolts and self-locking nuts are in the wrong position. · When not in use, please lower the fork to the lowest position and pay attention to the timely lubrication of the piston rod. · Replace · Adjust self-locking nut 

4. Oil leakage · Seals are aged or damaged · Some parts are broken · Replace · Replace 

5. Exhaust valve does not work when fork is lowered · Hydraulic oil impurities cause the exhaust valve to close loosely Some parts of the hydraulic system are broken or damaged Air has entered the oil Sealing parts worn out or damaged Adjusting bolt and self-locking screw in wrong position Change oil Check and replace used parts.

Attention! Do not attempt to repair the cart yourself without special training.

List of Hand Pallet Truck Faults