How to protect the handle from rust?

How to protect the handle from rust?

We know that a car for transportation needs regular maintenance, a wooden floor in a house needs to be cleaned and waxed, a watch on your wrist needs to be cleaned and oiled, and luxury bags also need to be oiled and dented. What can we do with the pen?

As we all know, the tool handle is the link between the machine tool and the cutting tool. Then, the connecting part between the machine tool and the tool handle and the connecting part between the tool handle and the cutting tool should be kept clean without any contamination.

Most of the knife handles on the market are finished with metal. To ensure accuracy, the important seating surface cannot be machined after grinding. So the metal work of the knife handle does not feel lonely at all, because rust is always around it. What can we do to prevent rust on the handle?

1. Reduce the contact of water vapor with the human body and knife handle, try not to take the knife with bare hands, and apply anti-corrosion oil in a timely manner after grasping the knife with bare hands;</ p>

2. When manually installing and removing the handle, it is recommended to apply anti-rust oil after removing the handle and before installation;

3. Regularly check the concentration of the coolant to prevent the decrease in the concentration of the coolant, causing bacteria to multiply and multiply, and accelerate the corrosion of the handle;

4. The anti-corrosion aging of the coolant is different, choose the coolant with the appropriate anti-corrosion aging;

How to protect the handle from rust?

5. During the holidays, cleaning and rust protection of the knife handle before the factory holidays is very important;

6. For knife handles that are not used for a long time, be sure to apply anti-corrosion preservation oil and apply anti-rust oil regularly.

According to incomplete statistics, the service life of knife handles is often 5-8 years. Most knife handles are calculated by factories as indicative fixed assets.:8. Therefore, although the initial investment in choosing a knife handle with excellent performance and ease of use increases slightly, in the future it can save a lot of money on cutting tools.