Introduction, Applications and Safety Issues of Handheld Woodworking Sanding Machine

Introduction, Applications and Safety Issues of Handheld Woodworking Sanding Machine

The key to running a polishing machine is to achieve maximum polishing speed in order to remove the layer of damage created during polishing as quickly as possible. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the layer of damage during polishing does not affect the final observed tissue, that is, does not cause false tissue. So, what about manual wood sanders? Let Yilida editor introduce it!

A wood sander is a type of woodworking tool. A handheld woodworking sander is a machine that uses abrasives to improve the surface finish of a workpiece and sometimes improve dimensional accuracy.

Hand-held woodworking sander is suitable for the following industries: woodworking, furniture industry, such as flat wood, furniture metal handles and other workpieces, grinding and wire drawing; hardware (metal) materials and products, aluminum profiles and products from them, stainless steel products. and crockery, copper profiles & crafts, plumbing & plumbing fixtures, locks, lighting fixtures, nameplates, hardware, knives & scissors, door hinges, auto & bicycle parts, crockery, buckle crafts, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone cases Sanding and wire drawing workpieces such as watches, electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat grinding and wire drawing, etc.

Introduction, Applications and Safety Issues of Handheld Woodworking Sanding Machine 1 Safety instructions for use

1.1 Operators must strictly comply with equipment and process requirements, and overloading and overspeeding are strictly prohibited.

1.2 Non-working or non-maintenance personnel are prohibited from touching the equipment while the machine is running.

1.3 During operation, operators are not allowed to leave their posts, nor are they allowed to adjust or lubricate the equipment.

1.4 Operators must dress appropriately: no loose clothing, ties or jewelry (hard hats are required for long hair), female workers

Work caps must be worn and the cuffs must be tightly buttoned, the corners of the clothing must be straightened, and the buttons of the clothing must be buttoned during work.

1.5 Check if the work area is well lit and there are no shadows.

1.6 Before starting the machine, check the switch button, the handwheel can work normally.

1.7 Check the correct installation of the grinding wheel and the absence of deviations from the norm.

1.8 Before starting the machine, check the guide plate lock and guide stopper.

1.9 Carefully check if the work area is properly arranged and there are no foreign objects in the work area, the machine can only be started after confirmation.

1.10 Start the engine and check that the grinding wheel runs smoothly.

1.11 Check the machine before use, run the machine dry for 3-5 minutes, and start working after all parts work normally.

1.12 Make sure that the wood being processed is free of iron nails and other debris to prevent damage to the machine and injury to people.

1.13 In addition to the working part of the disc and cylinder, the rest of the disc and simple grinders (including other rotating parts) must be covered

Stay. The minimum distance between the pan, the cylinder and the edge of the table must be observed.

1.14 Grinding machines must be equipped with dust extraction devices.

Introduction, Applications and Safety Issues of Handheld Woodworking Sanding Machine

1.15 If any malfunction or malfunction occurs during the operation of the machine, it must be stopped immediately and the power supply turned off.

1.16 When the guide plate is adjusted according to the need, it must be done after the machine has stopped.

1.17 Before setting up the machine, you must first turn off the power supply.

1.18 After completing the operation, stop the machine and turn off the power, lock the gate of the lock box, and the operator must wait for the machine to stop completely before leaving.

1.19 Make sure that there is no accumulation of sawdust in the electrical junction box, the electrical ground is good, and the electrical panel door is securely closed.

1.20 Electrical switches should be turned on whenever they are in use and turned off immediately when not in use. In the event of a power outage during operation, all switches must be turned off,

Do not allow the machine to rotate automatically after the power supply is restored, as this may cause accidents.

2. Prohibited actions

2.1 When using, you must strictly follow the safety regulations, and illegal operations, fatigue-related operations, and risky operations are strictly prohibited.

2.2 It is strictly forbidden to start the machine by untrained or unqualified personnel.

2.3 Non-working or non-maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited from touching the machine while the woodworking equipment is in operation.