Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

In life, many people want an exclusive garden or vegetable garden, but we don't have that much space. In this case, many people simply prefer to give up, but some old gardeners choose another way. The best way to do this is to create several vertical vegetable gardens and gardens. , and even use found plastic bottles.

Type 1: vertical plastic bottle garden Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

The idea below is very simple. Just prepare several plastic pots with the same specifications and then slowly stack them to make a plastic pot garden.

You need to prepare a fairly large plastic bottle, preferably about two liters, as well as some wire, scissors, a drill and cutting tools.

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

The manufacturing method is also very simple: first, the bottom of the bottle is cut off, and several drainage holes are drilled 5-10 cm below the lid so that water does not accumulate in the soil.

After that, you can prepare loose, fertile and well-drained sandy soil, fill the entire plastic bottle with earth, make several small holes at 2-3 cm intervals from the open end and drill them with wire. .

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

The next step is to cover the new plastic bottles right in the pot at the bottom. After you stack the plastic bottles one by one, you can lean them against a wall or railing and secure them to the fence with wire.

After the plastic bottle is fixed, some large holes can be drilled on the side to grow the seedlings of the plant, and an empty bottle without soil can be placed on top to store water.

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

The top plastic bottle is used to store water, the bottom plastic bottle needs to be drilled, and the sides of the bottle also need to be drilled to allow the soil to drain well.

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

The last thing is to drill holes and plant seedlings. It is best to choose some vegetable plants with a relatively short growing period. As shown in the picture, use a sharp hand knife right on the side of the plastic bottle to drill some big holes.

Five tips for vertical gardening: you can grow a vegetable garden from discarded bottles

After that, seedlings of various vegetables are planted, such as coriander, lettuce, basil, green onions, mint and other plants.

Type 2: Vertical Walled Garden

The above idea is also very charming. It consists of making some cone-shaped vertical flower pots on the fence and then planting plants growing in vertical pots on top with a few herbal flowers that are easy to grow. the cost is good too.

First, you need to prepare enough materials, such as ordinary boards, wire, pliers and iron nails, and prepare some plastic sheets for gardening and landscaping, and prepare sphagnum seedlings.

The first thing to do is make some cone-shaped containers with barbed wire. You can use scissors to cut off the excess barbed wire and tape it to make it look like a triangular column. It is used to hang on the wall. You still need to prepare a few boards to separate the fence from the frame.

Finally, fix the barbed wire to the wooden board, press the bottom part lightly, secure it to the wooden board with iron nails or other hooks, and fix the top part to the big wooden board. vertically.

After that, you can put the resulting moss on the bottom of the conical barbed wire. Of course, you can also choose to grow artificial turf and even hang it in the air to transform into a metal bonsai tower.

After laying a layer of sphagnum moss or other moss, wrap the layer of barbed wire inside so that the two cones are fixed together.

Type 3: making a flower pagoda

Regular potted plants, if properly transformed, have a lot of room for improvement and can even become charming flower towers.

Before you make a flower tower, you need to prepare enough materials, such as one square meter of galvanized iron fence, and prepare some plant seedlings. The first thing to do is to make a cylinder of galvanized wire mesh for the plants to grow in and make sure it's in a rectangular position.

Prepare the tweezers to fix all the wire mesh on the edge of the cylinder. Be careful not to hurt your hands when cutting. The cylinder at the bottom is placed in a flower pot. The wire mesh of the cylinder must be inserted into the flowerpot at least half the depth.

After that, wrap the plastic landscape sheet around the edge of the cylindrical barbed wire. Before cutting, measure the length with a measuring ruler and then wrap the landscape plastic sheet all the way around the entire barbed wire. Some space should be reserved on top of the plastic sheet. The entire barbed wire fence is completely wrapped.

NotIt is necessary to open several holes on the barbed wire and fix the plastic sheet on the barbed wire completely, and several iron wires can be used to fix it.

After that, you can start adding soil for growing. Now add about 1/3 of the soil to the cylindrical barbed wire and then water it thoroughly, then add 1/3 of the soil and then water it thoroughly. Repeat it. many times, leaving 3 at the top of a ~4 cm space, then water to keep the soil moist without water accumulation.

Once completed, you can dig holes on the side of the barbed wire, cut some holes directly into the plastic sheet, and cut the barbed wire with tweezers.

In the end, plant seedlings of various colors on the cut hole, and some plants can be planted on top. After planting, water them thoroughly and place them in a suitable position. Finally, they will slowly grow into a vertical garden.

Type 4: plank vertical garden

It is possible to make some vertical gardens in the yard or on the balcony, you don't even have to prepare too many things, just make some hooks on the wall and hang potted plants on them.

You can prepare some wooden pallets or a wall that can be drilled. Prepare a few potted plants that can be hung on hooks, a few loose-draining, well-patterned flower pots, and a few wires to hang the potted plants on.

After the preparation is complete, the wooden pallet can be installed and finally some holes are drilled in it and hooks are hung on the wooden pallet.

After that, the pot can be attached to a wooden pallet with wire to create a hanging effect.

Finally soil is added and a variety of flowers can be grown in attractive upright pots.

Type 5: vertical potted plant

Some remnants of PVC water pipes can also be used to create vertical gardens. This method is also very simple, but a sufficient number of water pipe bends must be prepared.

Prepare some wooden planks to hang the PVC water pipes on, prepare some bends for the PVC water pipes, and prepare some drill bits to drill holes to ensure good drainage.

In order to increase the decorative effect, we first color the PVC water pipes so that they acquire bright colors.

After applying a little glue to the hole of the PVC pipe, fix it to a wooden board or drill holes directly on it, and then secure it with wire.

Be sure to drill holes in the bottom of the water pipe to ensure good drainage. After the production is completed, soil can be put on the PVC pipe, and finally various potted flowers can be planted.