Self-taught wood carving how to use a scraper

Self-taught wood carving how to use a scraper

I'll introduce some of the tools that will be used in the post-processing of woodcarving.

Let's talk today about a tool for cleaning the bottom - a scraper

Self-taught wood carving how to use a scraper

Let's first introduce the purpose of a parser.

The scraper is mainly used to clean the underside of the wood carving plane. For example, we usually make something with a flat bottom, and it is difficult to get to the innermost layer with the cutting head. At this time, a scraper is needed.

When using the scraper, hold the scraper in your right hand and press down on the scraper with the index and middle fingers of your left hand to increase the scraper force. In some places where the cutting head is unevenly sanded, clean it with a scraper several times and it will be smoothed out easily.

Self-taught wood carving how to use a scraper

If you want to make your own scrapers, you can also buy some white steel bars online and make your own.

The method is also very simple. As a rule, one side is ground, forming a bevel at an angle of 30°-45°. The scraper thus produced is relatively sharp.

Scrapers of different sizes can be made by purchasing steel rods of different widths. For everyday use, a width of 1 cm at the widest point is sufficient.

If the volume of the item being made is relatively small, you don’t need to buy a particularly wide spatula, a narrower one is enough. If you want more economical, it is also a very good choice to buy the oblique knife directly.

The tip of the knife can scratch relatively small areas, and the width of the entire surface of the knife is wide enough, and it can also be used to scratch relatively large surfaces.

Self-taught wood carving how to use a scraper

All shapes of scraper blades are shown here. If you want to sharpen a knife, you can turn to grinding. There is another knife shape not shown in this picture, which is a curved scraper.

Looks like a popsicle stick with a round head. Good for scraping the texture of clothes and something with a round bottom.

Okay, today we learned how to use a scraper together, did you learn?