How to use the automatic rivet gun?

How to use the automatic rivet gun?

How to use the automatic rivet gun?

The automatic rivet gun is a rivet gun that can be driven automatically. The automatic riveting equipment can replace manual nailing and realize the quick riveting function, which greatly improves the enterprise's riveting efficiency and saves labor costs. Get more profit. for the enterprise. So, how to use an automatic rivet gun? Let's see below.

1. Preparation

Before using each shift, let the tool idle (empty riveting) for 1-2 minutes, check the mechanical device, all threaded parts must be tightened and not loosened before use.

When using, please change the suitable gun head according to the difference of the rivet (specification/model).

2. Working procedures

1. Turn on the power and turn the switch in the direction of the arrow to start the motor. The first step in using the automatic rivet gun is to turn on the power and turn on the motor.

2. Insert the blind rivets to be used into the riveting machine, insert the head of the automatic blind rivet gun into the rivet rod, tighten the rivet blank vertically and pull the trigger down (then release the trigger). Start riveting. ;

3. Align the gun head with the blind rivet stem. When the blind rivet stem is removed, the gun head will separate from the rivet body, and the broken nail stem will automatically move forward from the gun head of the automatic rivet gun. , to complete the riveting operation;

4. After the riveting operation of the automatic riveting gun is completed, turn the switch to OFF (turn off the power switch) and disconnect the plug.

The above is a relevant introduction to "How to use an automatic rivet gun?" I hope this will be helpful for you.