How automatic riveting guns work

How automatic riveting guns work

How automatic riveting guns work

The automatic riveting gun is a common fast riveting equipment in the riveting industry. It can be driven automatically without manual nailing, which greatly improves production efficiency and is welcomed by many enterprises. Biwang Xiaobian will introduce you the working principle of automatic rivet gun today, let's see.

How an automatic rivet gun works

1. The automatic rivet gun is designed for blind rivets. Generally, the pneumatic rivet gun is used to break the rivet, and the rivet rod is broken by sucking in air.

2. What kind of material is fed into the automatic riveting gun? The vibration of the vibrating plate is used to slide the rivet into the specially designed nail insertion groove, and then blow the rivet through the polyurethane air tube with air pressure to strike the head structure of the rivet gun.

3. The design of the gun head is equipped with special upper and lower clamping small nozzles of the gun. The rivets coming out of the air pipe can be clamped, and the nail pipe can be aligned with the suction port of the rivet gun through the reciprocation of the linear transmission part and the pneumatic element. Complete the nailing action.

4. The operator holds the rivet gun, aligns it with the pre-punched riveting hole and pulls out the rivet. The stem of the rivet tail runs through the polyurethane tube at the end of the rivet gun. Use air pressure to blow the stems into the connected stem collecting box.

Automatic riveting guns are widely used in the automotive, container, machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries, and are ideal riveting tools today; Riveting of core rivets.