How to Measure Vibration in Mechanical Equipment

How to Measure Vibration in Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical vibration is a very common physical phenomenon in engineering technology, industrial production and other areas. During the operation of mechanical equipment, due to many reasons such as unbalanced rotating parts, uneven load, differences in structural rigidity, poor lubrication condition, etc., there will be force changes, friction and collisions between equipment components. the accumulation and release of energy stimulate mechanical vibrations.

How to Measure Vibration in Mechanical Equipment

Measurement method

Mechanical vibration measurement content mainly includes object displacement, speed, frequency, phase, etc. The measurement method can be divided into electrical measurement method, mechanical method and optical method according to the signal conversion form.

Electrical measurement method: use the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert the measured vibration into electrical power.

Mechanical method: Use the lever principle to amplify and record the measured vibration.

Optical measurement method: use optical arm, light wave interference principle and laser Doppler effect to measure.

Among the above three measurement methods, electrometry is the most widely used for both analysis and telemetry.

Selection of measuring equipment

There are many types of equipment for measuring data using electrical measurement methods. Among them, differential transformer sensors are most suitable for measuring mechanical vibration. Their high sensitivity, wide linear range and high measurement accuracy make them suitable for various types of measurement objects.

The principle of operation of the differential transformer sensor:

The differential transformer bias sensor is an inductive sensor based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure physical vibration. It can convert the vibration information of the measured object into a change in the mutual inductance of the internal coil, and the circuit converts it into a change in voltage or current volumetric output.

How to Measure Vibration in Mechanical Equipment

differential transformer bias sensor

Differential transformer sensor features:

  1. The measurement accuracy is high and can reach the micron level, which meets the manufacturer's measurement requirements.
  2. High stability, magnetic shielding characteristics can resist magnetic field interference to the greatest extent and ensure measurement accuracy.
  3. Rugged and durable measurement method without loss and friction, service life can reach tens of millions of times
  4. The linear range is wide, and the corresponding measuring range can be selected according to the measurement requirements.
  5. High sensitivity, more accurate perception of small vibration changes.