What are the classifications of riveting guns?

Everyone is probably familiar with riveting. Many factories and enterprises can now see the benefits of riveting technology. But do you know that there are many different types of riveting tools? Today, the editor will introduce me to you.

There are three types of riveting tools available: pneumatic riveting guns, manual riveting gun and electric riveting gun.

Hand riveting is the first tool to rivet. The labor force is the main factor in riveting. It is more difficult to use when working with large pieces of metal. It can be used for small batches. As long as there are workers, there are no requirements for riveting. It is portable, can be carried around, and costs less. It is the best choice for home riveting.

A pneumatic riveting gun can be used to rivet with both hydraulic and pneumatic pressure. The internal cylinder converts air pressure into hydraulic pressure, and then transmits that to the gun's nozzle through bearings. This completes the riveting. This type of riveting tool needs a stable source of air. The total air pressure is approximately 5-7kg. It also has a greater riveting force than manual riveting tools. You can see it in large factories. It is used frequently in aviation. It is used in aviation, construction, and other mechanized industries.

Common riveting tools include the electric riveting gun. It is easier to use than the pneumatic riveting guns. You can connect electricity to it. It is currently the most widely used riveting product. Although riveting guns are used widely, they are more expensive than pneumatic riveting guns.

These three types are the most popular on the market. This is what I think everyone understood after reading this article. To find the right riveting tool for you, visit Sunai's website.