8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

See you soon! A netizen sent a personal letter to the editor and asked me to recommend some hardware needed for home use, and today it's here.

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

As the pace of urbanization increases, more and more people start moving to the city, especially some newlyweds who buy a house to use as a wedding home, so many people buy When you move to a new house and moving to the city, you Inevitably, you will come across some places that need to be repaired. At this time, you go to a third-party master to repair it. But now that you have the following tools, you can basically do minor repairs and repairs in your daily life. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but you can also "show off" in front of your wife and children.

Screwdriver #1

Everyone is familiar with the screwdriver and you must have seen it before. Even though she is small, she can help you a lot when you are in trouble! For example, sometimes when small electrical appliances, plug boards, door handles, etc. are broken at home and need to be fixed, we can use them to dismantle them. manual, can also be used as electric, two options to choose from.

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

Wrench #2

The wrench is also a relatively common household tool. In fact, there are many more places where you need it when you are just moving into a new home. After all, there are a lot of screws and nuts to use throughout the house. finishing. As a result, it is not tightened or screwed at all. At this time, we can test it ourselves with a wrench at home, in order to strengthen the entire room more firmly.

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

Level Line #3

You've just moved into a new house and many places haven't been decorated yet. Currently, you can hang it yourself and you need to use a "level" that can measure horizontals and verticals. The difference between the level and the ordinary ruler is that it contains one or two small water bubbles, we can use the water bubbles to measure the angle of the horizontal and vertical planes, which makes it much easier for us to use, and we no longer need to hang pictures and decorate by intuition .

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

Sink key #4

Although we rarely use this tool every day, it's really easy to use when it comes in handy. Especially when a new house has just moved in, there are many sewer pipes, sinks and other places that need to be used and monitored for a period of time. If there are leaks during this period, a sink key is needed for secondary reinforcement.

Electric pen #5

Some sockets and lines need to be checked when you just live in a new home. At this time, the electric pen can show its skills. It can quickly help you check the connection and disconnection of the line to prevent danger in advance and be practical. Now there are some non-contact sensors. Electric pen type, security is greatly improved. For example, Greenwood Tools has a non-contact electric pen.

8 practical hardware tools recommended for home use

Vise #6

Having a vise at home can be very helpful for accidentally cutting and tying steel wire. There are many places in a new home where workers might be careless, so you can use a vise to secure them yourself.

Hex wrench set #7

There are now many types of screws that need to be secured, and many tables, chairs, and electrical appliances have hex nuts. Nowadays, it's good to have a set of hex wrenches that can be used to loosen screws easily.

Set No. 8 "Green Forest"

There are so many tools listed above, although they are easy to use, there must be a place to "hide" and the Green Forest tool bag is the best choice, it has a large capacity and the above products can be installed bottom more than enough, and it is waterproof, and the weight is also very strong.

Okay, the above eight essential tools and products recommended at home today, with them you do not need to look for a master for minor repairs and repairs, and you can do it yourself!