A bit of common sense summed up by a locksmith

Basic knowledge of installers, welcome to continue to make learning easier: < /i >

1. Tap function - internal threading

2. Matrix function - handle external streams

3. Reamer function: make the wall of the inner hole smoother (refers to finishing)

4. Twist drill function - round holes

5. The function of the drill chuck is to clamp the drill

The role of key 6 of the drill chuck is to loosen or clamp the drill in the drill chuck

7. Plier function: workpiece clamp

8. Bench vice function: workpiece clamp

9. Height ruler function: draw line in height direction

10. Square Rectangle: An Auxiliary Drawing Tool

11. Marking tablet: an auxiliary marking tool

12. Planning function: drawing arcs or circles

13. Accuracy of conventional calipers: 0.02mm

14. Micrometer accuracy: 0.01mm

15. How many millimeters in an inch? 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters

16. (Imm= 100 wires, 1 mm 2 1000 microns 1 wire 2 10 microns

17. Plier key function: tighten or loosen the workpiece on the pliers

18. Screw role: pressure tap or reamer

19. The role of sample punching: hole punching

20. A hand saw consists of a saw blade and a saw blade

21. A hand saw is a manual sawing tool

22. File is a manual feed tool

23. Sweeping effect: cleaning chips.

24. File and brush function: remove chipped files

25. Conventional twist drills, taps and reamers are made from high speed steel

26. Conventional hacksaw blades are typically cold rolled mild steel. 27. Common material for regular files - T12A

28. Typically, the drilling speed of a drill with a diameter of less than 3 mm is 1800 rpm. The drilling speed with a drill with a diameter of 4–10 mm is 700 rpm. The reaming speed is usually half the normal drilling speed. /p>

29. General Threading Steps: Drilling Small Holes ~ Reaming Bottom Hole Threads ~ Chamfering ~ Chip Cleaning ~ Adding Lube Oil ~ Threading (1st and 2nd) ~ Chip Cleaning

30. Reaming steps: drilling small holes ~ reaming ~ chamfering ~ cleaning and cutting ~ adding lubricating oil ~ reaming (the reamer can only rotate clockwise)