A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

Today I will talk about some auxiliary tools that can be used to work on an engraving machine.

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

One rubber tire

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

When engraving some cut out plates, we need to use rails to hold the plates in place. Metal tires are commonly used. Although the metal tire has a firm downforce and a relatively large downforce, its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, it is easy to leave deep dents on the plate, especially on soft PVC material. It is Kind.

Even though such things are engraved, they leave a root on the board, which is ugly.

Here you can glue a piece of rubber gasket under a metal tire. Not for sale. When you go to repair electric cars, you need a small piece of used inner belt. You can cut it off and stick it on when you get back. In this way, tire pressure can be guaranteed without leaving marks on the plate.

Second, buy rubber tires, which are not as hard as metal tires, which reduces the likelihood of dents to a certain extent.

Second, engraving press wheel

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

On a non-vacuum adsorption engraving machine, the press wheel of the engraving machine is very necessary, especially for cutting sheet material.

The advantage of using an engraving press wheel is that it saves you a lot of trouble! It is no longer necessary to use clamping bars, just lightly press the pneumatic switch and the plate can be pressed well.

Here's the thing, the pressure wheel of an engraving machine is usually pneumatic, of course, there is also an electric one. For comparison, the price of a pneumatic one is much cheaper, and the pressing effect is no different from an electric one.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the pinch roller. First, the pressure must be well adjusted, not too much, too much pressure will cause resistance to the engine, which is not conducive to the life of the engine. May leave dents on softer boards. You can also drag the sheet to move it. Secondly, the pressure should not be too low, if it is too low, there will be no holding effect.

In short, the basis for adjusting the pressure wheel pressure is that the pressure of the pressure wheel is greater than the resistance of the engraved plate.

Three, hot melt

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3

Sometimes the material to be engraved is already a precise size and not too large to use the pressure rollers. The customer brought it to us for engraving on it, and the engraving pattern covered the entire plate, and plywood could not be used.

At this time you will need hot melt adhesive, just put the board in place, fix a few points of the board with hot melt adhesive so that it can be glued to the bottom plate of our engraving machine.

After engraving, use a hair dryer to heat the hot melt adhesive at a fixed point so that it can be easily removed.

Fourth, set a breakpoint

We mainly cut square plates, and there should not be many special shapes.

On one side of the bottom plate of the engraving machine, stick a few small pieces of PVC. So next time, the board can be placed directly against the PVC block, which can ensure that one side of the board is flush with the engraving machine, and save the board. It is very convenient, saves time and labor, and can greatly improve work efficiency.

A few tips for operating the engraving machine 3