Top 10 Power Tool Manufacturers in the World


Bosch Power Tools Co., Ltd., which is a division within the Bosch Group, has been a leading brand in power tools, powertool accessories, and measuring instruments. Bosch power tools were sold in over 190 countries in 2020. Sales of Bosch powertools in 30 retailers increased by double digits. Sales in Europe increased by 13%. Germany saw a 23% growth rate. The sales of Bosch power tools increased by 10 percent in North America, 31 percent in Latin America, and the only decrease in Asia Pacific. Bosch Power Tools launched over 100 new products in 2020, despite the effects of the epidemic. A special event was the expansion and widening of the battery combinations.

Black and Decker

Baide is a trusted brand in industrial and household handtools, power tools, maintenance tools for cars, pneumatic tools, and storage equipment. Alonzo Decker and Duncan Black opened their Baltimore shop in 1910. Six years later, they patented the first portable power tool. Black & Decker is a trusted brand with countless iconic products over the past century. Stanley Black & Decker was formed in 2010 when it merged with Stanley. This is a global diversified industrial company. His first-line instrument brands include STANLEY and RACING, DEWALT, BLACK&DECKER. GMT, FACOM. PROTO, VIDMAR. BOSTITCH. LaBounty. DUBUIS. These brands have a unrivalled reputation in the instrument industry. leadership. Stanley Black & Decker is known for its high quality, innovation, and strict work ethic. Stanley Black & Decker's global turnover is estimated at US$14.535 trillion in 2020.


Makita is one of the largest global manufacturers of professional power tools. In Tokyo, Japan, Makita was established in 1915. More than 17,000 employees make up the company's workforce. In 2020, sales were 4,519 billion US Dollars. The power tools business accounted for 59.4%, while the garden home care and maintenance parts businesses accounted for 22.8%. The company began selling portable household power tools in 1958. In 1959, Makita decided that power tools would be the focus of the business, leaving behind the automobile industry. Makita opened the first Makita branch in America in 1970. This was when Makita began its global operations. Makita has been sold in over 170 countries as of April 2020. The current overseas production rate of Makita is approximately 90%. Makita introduced the first ever lithium-ion battery-powered professional power tool in 2005. Makita has been devoted to the production, marketing, and development of chargers since 2005.


DeWalt is a Stanley Black & Decker brand and one of the most respected high-end professional power tools brands in the world. DeWalt has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of durable industrial equipment for nearly 100 years. Raymond DeWalt invent the radial-cantilever saw, which has been the standard for quality and durability since its conception in 1922. DeWalt is known for being strong, reliable, precise, and powerful. DeWalt power tools and accessories are distinguished by their yellow-black tone. These features are embedded in all DeWalt power tools and accessories. They have been developed through DeWalt's many years of experience and modern manufacturing techniques. Dewalt DeWALT currently leads the global power tool market with more than 300 power tools and over 800 power tool accessories.


Hilti is a leading brand that provides innovative products, systems and software for the global energy and construction industries. Hilti employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide. Hilti's 2020 annual sales were CHF 5.3 billion. This is a 9.6% decrease in sales. This has changed. This improvement started in June and culminated in a 9.6% drop in Swiss Franc sales and a 4.3% decrease in local currency sales. The sharp decline in emerging market currencies and weakening dollar and euro have had a significant negative impact on the exchange rate. This has resulted in a more than 5 percent negative change in the exchange rate. The Hilti Group is headquartered in Schaan in Liechtenstein since its inception in 1941. The Martin Hilti Family Foundation privately owns Hilti, ensuring its continuity over the long-term.


The Andre Steele Group was founded in 1926 and is a market leader in garden tools. Its products have a strong reputation and reputation around the globe. Steel S Group's fiscal year 2020 sales were 4.58 billion euros. This is 16.5% more than the previous year (2019: EUR3.93 trillion). Foreign sales account for 90%. Sales would have increased by 20% if you excluded exchange rate fluctuations. Worldwide, around 18,000 people work for the company. Steele Group's global sales network includes 41 sales and marketing firms, 120 importers, and over 54,000 authorized dealers from more than 160 countries. Since 1971, STIHL is the most popular chainsaw brand in the world.

Hello KOKI

Koichi Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. was established in 1948. Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., its predecessor, designs and produces power tools, motors and life science tools. It is part of the Hitachi Group. It sells more power tools than 1300 types and holds more than 2500 technical patents. It was listed separately on Tokyo Stock Exchange (6581) in May 1949, just like other Hitachi Group subsidiaries with similar industrial strength and scale, such as Hitachi Construction Machinery. It also owns Hitachi and well-known brands like Metabo, Sankyo CARAT, TANAKA, Hitmin, and TANAKA. Hitachi Koki, a well-known American stock firm, acquired financing from KKR. Hitachi Koki was delisted in 2017 and its privatization adjustment was completed. It changed its name to Koichi Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. The main trademark for "HiKOKI", which signifies that Hitachi Koki is the number one manufacturer of high quality machinery.


Metabo, a German manufacturer of professional power tools, was founded in 1924. It is headquartered in Jottingen. Power tools have a second and third place market in Germany, respectively. Woodworking machinery is ranked first in Europe. Metabo Group currently has two brands, 22 subsidiaries, and five production bases around the world. Metabo power tools are well-known for their quality, and they are sold in more than 100 countries. Metabo's success is a result of decades of excellence and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.


Wilhelm Emil Fein, an inventor of electronic and physical tools, founded a company in 1867. His son Emil Fein created the first electric hand drill in 1895. This invention was the basis for reliable power tools. Today, FEIN produces power tools at its German production site. The Schwaben (Swabia), plant is a traditional landmark that is highly respected by industry and crafts around the globe. FEIN is the world's largest manufacturer of power tools for more than 150 years. FEIN has a strict self-discipline, produces only durable and reliable power tools, and takes innovation seriously.


Husqvarna was founded in 1689 and is the leading global manufacturer of garden tools. Husqvarna was the first to create a solar-powered robotic lawnmower. It is powered entirely by solar energy. In 1978, Electrolux bought it and made it independent in 2006. Husqvarna purchased Gardena, Zenoah, and Klippo in 2007 in order to build strong brands, complement products, and expand geographically. Husqvarna acquired Jenn Feng in 2008 and built a new plant to manufacture chainsaws, handicrafts and other tools. Husqvarna's 2020 sales will reach SEK 45 billion. The horticultural segment accounts for 85%. Husqvarna Group products are sold to professionals and consumers in more than 100 countries through distributors and retail outlets.


Melwaukee, a professional tool manufacturer that produces rechargeable lithium batteries, is known for producing high-quality power tools, accessories, and hand tools for professionals around the globe. Milwaukee has been a pioneer in durability and performance since its inception in 1924. Milwaukee is known for its consistent innovation, whether it's the M12 or M18 red lithium battery technology, versatile accessories, and innovative hand tools. Innovative solutions provide users with high productivity and reliability. Technological Industries TTi purchased the Milwaukee brand from AtlasCopco in 2005. The company had an 81 year history at the time. TTI's global performance in 2020 will be $9.8billion. The power tools segment, which accounts for 89.0%, will increase 28.5% to $8.7billion. The continuous introduction of new products has helped MILWAUKEE's professional business grow by 25.8%.