How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!

How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!

How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!

A power tool is a hand-held movable power tool. It has the characteristics of easy portability, easy operation and various functions. It is widely used in construction, home decoration, automobiles, machinery, electric power, bridges, gardening and other fields, and is also widely used in home decoration.

Typically, hand-held power tools used by electricians have to be constantly moved, and during operation, they cause strong vibration and high noise levels. The power cord is easily damaged by external forces such as dragging, rubbing or mechanical extrusion, which may damage the insulation strength and lead to electric shock.

It is very important to choose and use hand-held power tools correctly to avoid accidents.

How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!

So, how to choose the right power tool?

(1) Selection method

1. Choose certified products with certification.

2. In general, class II products should be used. This type of equipment is double insulated and relatively safe to use.

3. When working in a place with good electrical conductivity, such as a humid place or on a metal structure, you should select a Grade Ⅱ or Grade Ⅲ product.

4. When working in narrow places such as metal tanks, pipelines, boilers, etc., products of category III should be selected.

5. If you really need to use Class I products, you must take other necessary safety measures in accordance with safety requirements, such as installing leakage protection devices, safety isolation transformers, etc.

How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!(2) How to use

1. Check it carefully before use, the appearance is not damaged, the switch action is flexible and does not stick, the power cord and the body of the power tool must be intact. Use a 500 V megger to measure the insulation resistance between the winding and the case, the value must be at least 0.5 MΩ.

2. Hand-held power tools with metal housings must have reliable protective earth wires. The power cable is a multi-core cable with a soft rubber sheath, and the two ends of the protective earth wire must be securely connected.

3. Hand-held power tools must be used by authorized personnel with specific professional knowledge. Use must strictly follow the relevant safety procedures.

How to use hand tools correctly? Don't repeat this mistake!

4. Before use, you must first check whether the relevant electrical protection devices and mechanical protection devices are in good condition. His work should be normal. Also make sure that the rotating part is flexible and does not bind.

5. When using Class I hand power tools, the user must wear legal protective equipment and install qualified protective equipment. And take appropriate safety measures against electric shock in accordance with the regulations, such as installing leakage protection devices in the power circuit or using insulating gloves by users, wearing insulating shoes, or standing on insulating mats.

When using class II handheld power tools in damp and narrow places, it is necessary to install a leakage switch. The operating current of the electric switch is less than 1.5 mA, and the operation time is less than or equal to 0.1 second. . And the leakage switch should be placed in the container and controlled by a special person.