Age of European Power Tools


Wilhelm Emil Fein founded his "Electro-Mechanical Equipment Workshop" in Germany, where electrical engineering was a new technology. Fein was a brilliant inventor and entrepreneur, and during his lifetime he was recognized as a pioneer of electrical engineering. His prolific pioneering spirit has given the company 150 years of success and a vision for the future. Wilhelm-Emil FEIN invents the world's first electric hand drill and lays the foundation for the FEIN company.


Mr. Robert Bosch founded the "Workshop for Fine Mechanics and Electrical Engineering" in Stuttgart. Thus was born a multinational corporation that today operates around the world. Since its founding, outstanding innovative ability and a strong sense of social responsibility have always been hallmarks of Bosch.


AEG was founded by Mr. Emil Rathenau in Berlin, Germany


Wilhelm Emil Fein founded the electrical works C. & E. Fein in Stuttgart.


William Emile Fine's son, Emile Fine, ingeniously combined a hand drill with a small electric motor. This is how the concept of a tool with a single power source was born.


FEIN became the "professional power tool factory", and the initial focus was on rapidly improving power tools, making them more powerful and lighter. Thus the portable grinder was born.


AEG has released the first handheld pistol grip drill, the design of which added flexibility to the user and is still one of the most popular drills of this kind.


Harmonic Hammer appeared, a technique that is still used today. All hammers are equipped with an air-cushioned impact mechanism. In the development of FEIN hammers, the rotational movement of the motor has been successfully converted into a linear impact movement.


AEG introduces the first power tool with a universal motor. The latter are lighter and compatible with a variety of currents, helping to solidify AEG's reputation for advanced productivity tools, enhancing user experience and therefore productivity.


Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmidt founded a company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt (formerly FLEX) to manufacture and market their new invention: the MS 6 hand sander, featuring a motor driven motor that drives a flexible shaft.


Foundation of Metabo, headquartered in Jottingen, Germany, named after the Metallbohrdreher hand drill.


Festool was founded by entrepreneurs Albert Feser and Gottlieb Stoll. At first, the company's activities were mainly focused on the repair of woodworking machines and the conversion of plain bearings of woodworking machines into ball bearings.


The Bosch engineer Hermann Steinhart sawin his test shop, equipment that immediately caught his attention. "Forfeks" has a motor built into the handle. This opens up many new possibilities. Steinhart's department first developed the Forfex for mass production and then, over the next few years, developed the concept for the first impact drill.


Kasheng was founded in Tübingen, Germany and is a professional tool brand with a long history and tradition.


The first mobile and portable Festool SB126 circular saw was born. Its principle: Instead of laboriously transporting heavy materials to a stationary tool with the SB126 portable circular saw, you only need to bring the tool to the material.

Early 1930s

AEG has opened a dedicated power tool factory in Winnenden near Stuttgart to help keep the job going.

Extension. For AEG, the post-expansion years have definitely proved creative. AEG has launched the first double insulated cordless drill to protect the user from electric shock. The first hammer, the rotary chipper EH 200 weighing 5.5 kg, was introduced, followed by straight grinders and polishers.


The Festool ZUM 140 chain cutter is designed for milling grooves and holes, as well as for milling grooves in stair stringers using an additional tool.


Bosch invented the world's first electric hammer drill and brought it to market.


The FEIN jigsaw is launched for faster sheet metal work in the automotive and aircraft industries.


The portable circular saw BD 125 from Festool is widely appreciated among carpenters and carpenters.


The Festo MTD and KTD grinders became bestsellers in the 1930s and 1940s. In addition, the Festo disc grinder was the first grinder with an integrated dust extraction system.


The engineer Martin Hilti (1915–1997) and his brother Eugene (1911–1964) founded the Hilti company in Schaan, Grand Duchy of Liechtenstein.


Bosch invents the world's first electric jigsaw, an invention that is a masterpiece of innovation in woodworking.


Martin Hilty first focused on fastening technology and received a patent for this technology, and then produced hand tools and nail guns in the early 1950s.


The FEIN-Zwerg electric drill ("Gnome") has patented a housing: plastic, used as insulation. The division of the fuselage into two halves divided longitudinally is what we take for granted today: an efficient, well-organized combination of working tools inside one of the two half-shells.


The square grinder F is bornestool RTE, and the legend continues to this day. It replaced the time-consuming hand sanding block that was not popular with painters, joiners and car painters and paved the way for mechanical fine sanding.


Ackermann & Schmidt presents the first generation of high-speed angle grinders: the DL 9.


Hilti made a huge technological breakthrough and developed the world's first powder driven nail, the DX 100. In the early 1960s, Hilti could be seen in almost 30 countries around the world.


The first generation of Bosch angle grinders came out, the most reliable angle grinder at that time, and it was also a real Bosch innovation at that time


Ahnheis is a family business based in Landau-sur-Isar.


A plaster cast saw was introduced, patented as a circular saw with an angled oscillating saw blade. It is mainly used for cutting gypsum castings. The oscillating rotating blade cuts through the hard impression without damaging the patient's skin. The gypsum saw is equipped with a more powerful gearbox to upgrade to a chassis saw. Plaster saws form the basis of the FEIN range of precision oscillating power tools.


The addition to the Hilti TE range, the TE 17, is the company's first electric powered hammer drill, and takes the versatility of the range to a new level. At the same time, Hilti developed the first Anka mechanical anchor system.


Festool decided to move away from the stationary equipment market and focus only on the development and production of electric and pneumatic tools.


The first Festo circular eccentric vibrating mill with integrated dust extraction is launched.


AEG introduced microchip technology into its products and pioneered the wireless market in 2000 with the launch of the Acu. A particularly outstanding achievement is NASA's custom-made cordless drill/driver for spaceflight.


The Festool AXF 45 plunge-cut saw started off as a success and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent series of Festool plunge-cut saws.


The first Bosch 2kg impact drill is launched, and it's also the lightest hammer drill on the market.


Bosch invented the world's first cordless electric rock drill, and Bosch successfully applied cordless technology to a 2 kg rock drill for the first time.


Birth of the Festool PS1 jigsaw, the leader in precision tools: Thanks to the adjustable guide on the worktable, right angle cuts can also be made in thicker woods. Thus, jigsaws are precision tools for discerning carpenters.


FEIN worked closely with the automotive industry to develop the chassis saw as a solution for the automotive industry:no power tool could remove glass glued to silicone until the problem was solved with an oscillating cutting tool, now equipped with a specially shaped blade. The tool is constantly being developed and improved and is now known as the FEIN Supercut Auto: its main task is to remove window panes.


The advent of the FEIN grinding machine replaces the previous method of processing workpieces only by hand. The sanding disc, spherical triangular shape and rotary oscillatory motion provide the best sanding results, while the Harmony sander has been designed and evolved far beyond its original function, performing a wide range of specialized tasks: sawing, sanding, scraping, parting, scraping, polishing and cutting.


FLEX develops special polishing tools for the delicate polishing of automotive paint and varnish, furniture and natural stone floors.


The FEIN safety angle grinder is born, using innovative FEIN technology, which is much safer for users and saves a lot of time. When the angle grinder is turned off, the grinding wheel stops within 3 seconds instead of the usual 20 seconds. QuickIN is a quick-attach system specially designed for safety angle grinders that allows the user to change grinding wheels without tools.


Einhell has grown from a family-owned SME to a multinational company and has decided to go public.


FLEX introduces a new treatment: surface treatment - no transition lines or shadows on metal and stainless steel.


AEG Power Tools business acquired by Atlas Copcogroup.


Electrolux acquires AEG, a century-old home appliances brand


The compact, robust and powerful CDD 12 cordless drill/driver from Festool is officially launched.


FLE introduces a long neck grinder that allows the operator to work from top to bottom on a wall or ceiling without scaffolding restrictions.


Festo Tooltechnic becomes the independent brand of Festo Tools and is determined to go professional.


The Bosch IXO3.6V cordless screwdriver with a lithium battery is launched on the market, which can be considered one of the best-selling power tools in the world.


Designed specifically for the Asian market, Bosch has launched the compact, rugged and powerful GSK190 circular saw.


TTI has acquired the right to use the AEG power tool brand from Atlas Copco (a trademark owned by Electrolux).


FLEX introduces a transformation tool that allowsAllows you to perform vertical pulling into horizontal cutting with pushing.


FEIN has officially unveiled two new products using lithium-ion battery technology.


FLEX joins Chervon, and the strengths, experience and production capabilities of the two companies are perfectly combined. FLEX remains largely independent as it is headquartered in Germany.


Antares has launched Power X-Change, which is currently a very successful battery platform. The battery system, previously made up of multiple devices, now includes over 100 tools and gardening tools that can be powered by a single battery.


Positec Group has officially acquired the Kress brand, pooled global resources, further deepened global business, and breathed new life into brand development. In China, Kress is committed to developing high-quality, high-performance, and cost-effective tooling solutions for craftsmen in the assembly, finishing, hardware, and other industries.


Metabo was acquired by Hitachi Koki, a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group.


Hitachi Group sells Hitachi Koki to HK Holdings Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of investment company KKR.


Festo's global turnover exceeded 2.84 billion euros.


Hilti's global turnover is CHF 5.332 billion.


Einhell's global sales reached €724.7 million in revenue.


The global turnover of Bosch power tools is 5.1 billion euros.