Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

The epidemic of the new corona continues repeatedly. Nowadays, hiring a professional construction team to finish a house can lead to unpredictable risks. The editors of the foreign media Kamando especially recommend to users 15 good DIY home improvement tools, with which you can easily solve the daily tasks of cleaning furniture, household appliances, plumbing, etc. Do it yourself, everything is ready! Let's take a look at these tools and their introduction.


DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Kit

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

The DeWalt 20V Max cordless drill kit includes an electric impact driver, a hand drill, two 20V 1.3A lithium batteries, a 20V charger, and a tool bag. The lithium battery powered drill has three LED indicators that allow the user to see exactly what is being drilled. The ergonomic handle provides the user with comfort and control. Each drill has two speed options to choose from.



Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

When users install TV mounts or even larger decorative or heavy picture frames, the studs should be placed on the wall. The Craftsmann Stud Finder has a 3/4" depth range through drywall for wallpaper and fabric covered surfaces. The Craftsmann Stud Finder wall scanner has an edge detection feature that allows you to find the edges of studs on wood and metal studs. In addition, the Craftsmann spike finder is shockproof and waterproof, strong and durable.


Stealth Lightweight Multifunctional Telescopic Ladder

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

Does your home have a vaulted ceiling? How about do-it-yourself work such as dusting, painting the ceiling and walls, replacing the ceiling fan, etc.? This Stealth Aluminum Multi Purpose Extension Ladder is one of the best solutions. The ladder can be stretched up to 17 feet in height and has wheels for ease of movement. The non-slip pads on the ladder feet are secure and stable so that the user will not shake dangerously when climbing to the top of the ladder. It can be folded for easy storage when the ladder is not in use.


Amazon Basic Kit

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

During an epidemic, a small but complete basic set of tools is essential. Minor issues such as a leaky kitchen sink, a frozen food processor, and changing a bicycle wheel can be solved with it, especially when the repairmen are in quarantine. Available in teal or pink, the Amazon Essentials Kit includes a carrying case and over 100 gadgets inside, including levels, pliers, magnetic screwdrivers and drills, wrenches, hammers, cable ties, utility knives, and more.


Dremel Light Cordless Rotary Tool

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

The Dremel Lite Multipurpose Rotary Tool is the perfect solution for small home improvement jobs and crafts. The Dremel Lite uses the patented EZ Twist Nose Cap for easy nozzle replacement without the use of a wrench. The Dremel Lite's variable speed settings allow users to smoothly shift from 8,000 rpm to 25,000 rpm for superior control and agility. The Dremel Lite set includes a USB-charged cordless rotary handle and 10 pieces that can be used as cleaning, sanding, sanding, sharpening, polishing or modeling tools. The handle is made of soft material with 360 degree coverage for comfort and precise control. And the cordless design gives users the freedom to carry the Dremel Lite with them wherever they go.


Komelon Electric Measuring Tape 25 ft

Recommended by Foreign Media, 15 DIY Home Tools to Start

Whether you are buying ready-made furniture or custom-made furniture, you need to measure the appropriate size. Especially during an epidemic, it is not possible to invite a team of decorators to your home. Nowadays, a high-performance tape measure will come in handy. The Komelon series self-locking electric tape measure has a unique self-locking mechanism that allows the tape measure to be pulled out smoothly, and is equipped with a push-button release device, which can ensure good speed control and safety when the tape measure is retracted. . The impact-resistant rubber housing and nylon-coated tape measure of the Komelon electric tape measure ensure maximum durability.


Stanley wet and dry vacuum cleaner

When the basement of the house is flooded or the workbench is littered with a thick layer of wood chips, the Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum is a great helper in cleaning. The powerful motor allows the vacuum cleaner to easily suck up all the water in the basement or wood chips on the workbench. The large 22-litre tank doesn't need to be filled as often, and when connected to an extension tube and nozzle, it can handle wider, more difficult areas. The Stanley wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with a vacuum cleaner, hose, three extensions, floor tool, crevice tool, foam filter, dust bag, reusable dry filter and more.


BLACK+DECKER laser level

Compared to conventional levels, BLACK+DECKER laser levels are very versatile, suitable for hanging pictures, mirrors and decorations, installing shelves and cornices, and other household chores. The BLACK+DECKER laser level comes with an accessory that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees on the wall, projecting laser lines from any angle, making home improvement work easier. The spirit level comes with 2 illuminated bubble bottles for better visibility and accuracy.


Go Hang It Pro Multipurpose Pendant

If you love hanging things on the walls but hate clutter, Go Hang It Pro is sure to please. Easy to hang pictures! This useful little kit has everything you need to hang pictures and mount any decoration on your wall: includes tool box with magnetic key, removable level, silicone strap, 6 D-shaped hangers, picture wire, 2 medium sized nails 20 each, 10 picture hooks, 4 hooks. picture hooks, self-tapping screws and 12 single-slot precision hooks (patent pending).


HomeRight Finish Max Electric Spray Gun

HomeRight Finish Max is an easy-to-use electric paint sprayer ideal for painting furniture, cabinets, trim and more. The HomeRight Finish Max is a wired electric spray gun that has three spray modes: horizontal, vertical and circle spray, which can be switched as neededawn. HomeRight Finish Max can spray a wide range of materials such as thinned chalk paint, milk paint, latex paint, enamels, primers, clear sealants, polyurethanes, stains and varnishes. It also comes with a viscometer for easy measurement of paint thickness.


HBTower 3

HBTower's 3-step ladder is easy to open and fold. It folds down to just 1.6" for easy storage, transport and portability, making it portable and compact for indoor or outdoor use. The high quality steel frame of HBTower 3 steps ladder is strong and reliable, with high safety and stability. When using the ladder, the metal safety buckle is automatically locked, and the rear cross brace strengthens the main support, making it safer for users to climb the ladder. The HBTower3 stepladder has a non-slip rubber handle, making it easy to lift and carry the stool. Wide treads with non-slip rubber pattern provide full foothold, while large rubber feet are in full contact with the ground, ensuring safety and preventing floor scratches. (Note: Improper use of the rubber feet will cause the ladder to shake left and right, so the rubber feet must make full contact with the ground).


Metabo HPT 10" miter saw

Weighing only 24.2 lbs, the lightweight Metabo HPT miter saw is easy to handle for beginners and experienced carpenters alike. Miter saw kit includes 10" blade, dust bag, vise, hex wrench, stand and 24T TCT saw blade. Bevel angle range: 0-52 degrees, right and left for extra flexibility Bevel angle range: 0-45 degrees, with adjustable stop on the left side for precise cutting. Metabo HPT has also designed an extra large table to provide better material support with a vise clamping system to hold workpieces.


Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer is perfect for cleaning fences, patios and years of grime around your home. The Sun Joe electric pressure washer has two built-in 0.9 liter detergent tanks. Removable tanks can store different types of cleaning agents at the same time for different cleaning projects. Sun Joe electric pressure washers are also equipped with a TSS (Total Stop System) that automatically shuts off the electric pump when the trigger is not activated, saving energy and extending the life of the electric pump.


IRWIN household hammer

If a family doesn't want to buy too many tools at once, they should have at least one IRWIN household hammer. Its head is made from forged steel for durability. ProTouch handle stableresistant to wear, while the fiberglass construction absorbs shock, reducing hand and forearm fatigue.


Neiko 02448A Drive Master Impact Ratchet and Socket Kit

This Neiko kit includes several drive sockets, extensions, a 10" long 72-tooth quick release ratchet handle, impact universal joint, adapter and adapters. The ratchet and socket are made from heavy duty forged premium chrome vanadium steel to withstand extreme torque changes on the fastener. Hex head hex head prevents fillets from being poorly driven under high torque and impact loads by impact and power wrenches. Highly visible laser engraved markings on the corrosion resistant black phosphate coating make it easy to identify drive seat size, caliber and dimensions. The durable blow molded body is labeled with nest sizes for organized storage and locks with two toggle locks.