How to choose a multifunctional flashlight? Multifunctional flashlight selection skills

If we say that there should be something at home, then a flashlight should be considered same. We all need to use flashlights during sudden power outages, going outside at night and some repairs.

Let's understand everyone how to choose a lantern!

When buying, first of all, pay attention to following points: brightness, battery life, operating conditions, weight and price. Let's explain one by one:

1. Brightness

If it's an outdoor activity, stretch of road is unfamiliar and difficult to walk on, then a strong light is needed to illuminate road ahead. If it's a normal nighttime walk or a familiar stretch of road, there's no need for such a strong brightness.

It is expected that different brightness levels can be adjusted to suit different usage scenarios.

2. Battery Life

When we use a flashlight, we definitely don't want it to run out of power after a short period of use, and we need to replace and recharge battery, so consider how long light battery can last.

3. Weight

If you need to carry it around, that's a factor to consider. It's not easy to carry a flashlight that's too heavy and too big.

4. Price

The price of multifunctional flashlights varies from tens to hundreds. However, it is recommended to choose a large brand at a moderate price to avoid poor quality and return issues.

5. Use environment

Some are used in arctic and diving conditions, but most of us don't have that requirement. A certain waterproof function is enough for us.

This is end of my introduction to multifunctional flashlight, I hope you find it useful~