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Technical parameters of the wire saw: cm02

Model 36 and 65 kW

Main motor power 36 kW/50 Hz

Wire saw speed range 0–40 m/s

Travel speed 0-80 m/h

Power head rotates 360°

Step guide 2 meters/section can be connected

Power head cutting distance 1.6 m

Working environment -15℃ to +40℃

Power head stroke 300-480 mm

Equipment size 1925 mm * 1240 mm * 1430 mm

The wire saw blades and rubber flywheel rings used in cutting are a lot of consumables. The characteristics of wire saw blades are mainly controlled by stringing the rollers. The wire saw formula is also different. The production formula of the wire saw machine should be adjusted according to the actual position of the stone to ensure its efficiency, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

Analysis of the advantages of stone mining with an electric wire saw; Compared to traditional mining methods, the use of a wire saw has the following advantages:

(1) Highly adaptable, the wire saw is suitable for all types of mines.

(2) Reliable function and high efficiency. First, the mining depth is large, which can reach 10-20m or even deeper. Ordinary mining is generally only within 10m. Second, the cutting speed is high , which can usually reach 4-5 m2/h (3) The wire saw can cut in various directions, such as vertical, horizontal and bevel, and can also perform blind cutting.

(4) High performance and low total cost. Firstly, the cutting surface of the wire saw is very smooth and does not cause internal damage to the block. Secondly, the cut is small, only about 11 mm, which does not lead to a waste of resources;

(5) Safety and environmental protection, wire saw mining has no noise and dust, has a high degree of automation, separate control, low labor intensity and high safety; the ordinary cutting noise and dust is very large, and the work intensity of the workers is high. The safety is relatively low.