How to replace drill of a hand drill? How to change drill on a hand drill?

How to replace drill of a hand drill? How to change drill on a hand drill?

Many people have an electric drill at home. An electric drill is equipped with different drill bits. Due to different needs, we need to change different drill bits for use. So how do we replace drills?

For a Stanley hand drill, its chuck is tightened with a wrench. We turn off power to hand drill and steadily put drill up. Insert key into drill card and gear on key will align with gear on drill card. Turn wrench clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen.

To replace drill, you must put on gloves, pinch gourd neck of rubber drill and turn counterclockwise to complete disassembly of drill. Then turn it clockwise to replace drill with a new one. After replacement, connect power cord to turn on power, and check whether drill is firmly installed after being idle for 2 seconds.

How to replace drill of a hand drill? How to change drill on a hand drill?

The hand drill is a commonly used tool. When using, remember:

1. Before using electric drill, you should idle for 0.5-1 min to check whether transmission part is flexible, whether there is any abnormal noise, whether screws are loose, whether collector spark is normal.

2. When drilling, hold drill firmly with both hands and do not work with one hand.

3. Do not press too hard when drilling, otherwise drill will break.

4. Operations such as cutting head waste cleaning and cutting head replacement must be carried out under condition of a power outage.

5. For small workpieces, hand drill must be clamped by a jig.

6. After processing workpiece, do not immediately touch drill, drill may overheat and burn skin.

7. Before work, carefully check drill for cracks or damage and replace it in a timely manner if it is found.

8. Make sure that your fingers do not touch workpiece or drills during operation, so as not to cut your fingers.

9. Unplug plug immediately when not in use

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