How to choose a car charger? A few misconceptions about car chargers!

How to choose a car charger? A few misconceptions about car chargers!

Car chargers are one of must-have items for car owners, but there are different types and prices of car chargers on market. How to choose?

You can consider following three points:

1. Conventional car charger or fast charger

Normal fast charging supports 2.1A, 2.4A, which is more suitable for iPhone and some mobile phones that do not support fast charging. Fast charging generally needs to support fast charging protocol, but fast charging protocol for car charging is not uniform and there will be differences between different brands, so you should determine which fast charging protocol your mobile phone supports before purchasing.

2. Wired or Wireless

Wireless will free you from shackles of wired communications and make it easier to use.

3. Overcharge Protection

Make sure car charger has protection functions such as over current, over voltage, over temperature, etc. to avoid damage to the mobile phone due to overcharging. If it is a plastic shell, it is recommended to choose flame-retardant and environmentally friendly ABS materials.

How to choose a car charger? A few misconceptions about car chargers!

Many people misunderstand use of car chargers. Here we will also introduce you to how to use car chargers safely and efficiently.

1. If car has a USB port, there is no need to use a car charger

Many cars have built-in USB ports, so some people find using car's USB ports to charge mobile phones or any other devices is not a problem. This is actually a misconception, because most USB interfaces in a car are configured to transmit audio data, so some car interface current is much less than 5V/1A if current is not up to standard. , equipment will be damaged.

2. Pay attention to maximum power of expansion port

Many small car tools need to use a cigarette lighter to power, so many people buy a car charger with a cigarette lighter extension, but some people say same product is easy to use, and some people say fuse is blown. The device may be has exceeded maximum capacity of expansion port, and you should be careful when using it.

3. The car charger must be turned off and then plugged in, otherwise it will burn out easily

Not all car chargers need to be connected and disconnected after engine has been turned off and power has been disconnected. This test is shock resistance of car charger.

Above is contents of this article related to car charger. I hope you find it useful.