Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

This is the era of photography for everyone. Most people have a tool that can be used to record images, whether it's a cell phone, camera, camcorder, or an outdated decades-old film camera. We don't use them all the time, and not everyone has strong feelings for the instrument and considers it some sort of spiritual food. The vast majority of users will remove it after use and then leave it at home.

Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

There are usually two opinions about whether to sell unused or little used equipment.

1. You must use the existing equipment correctly, make the most of it and create the best works on its basis;

2. "If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools." While shooting, you may want to find more suitable shooting tools for yourself;

Over the years, the main way I've tried different gear has been to buy used equipment. According to my relatively rich experience, this should be a relatively inexpensive experience. Of course, the equipment rental market has become more and more mature lately, and this method can also be considered. However, due to tight rental times, it is often impossible to get a more up-to-date user experience, so I didn't consider this method.


The most common problem for a regular consumer is how to cash out idle equipment

So let's talk about how to sell used equipment first!

1. Choose a platform

The first step in selling equipment is to select an appropriate used equipment trading platform. 

2. Reduce communication costs

The biggest cost of trading used equipment is time and communication takes a lot of time. Therefore, try to write down equipment status, personal requirements, and other detailed information in advance when posting, so as not to waste too much time on inquiries in subsequent communication. Of course, many buyers are used to asking questions directly, but I suggest that when you encounter such things again, let the buyer read the description first and then report it. This is also buyer self-cultivation.

I once encountered a rather detrimental thing, that is, there were many buyers of songs who clearly saw the description, but still insistently asked. Especially in terms of price, sometimes to avoid trouble, the lowest price is marked, and it is clearly stated that this is the lowest price, and some people will still come asking for a lower price. Especially on Xianyu there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers, and some sellers who are looking for goods with a "pick up cheap" mentality, such buyers should be decisively bypassed, because they have a bottomless appetite.

3. the information is prepared in advance

1. The method of clearly labeling the equipment depends on the labeling method of the official website;

2. When buying channels, mainland licensed items, parallel imports, or used items, answer honestly;

3. Defects in appearance and functionality must be described in sufficient detail, and differences from new goods must be stated in as much detail as possible. The common problems of the fuselage are bumps, oily or wet paint. The lens mainly focuses on details such as lens wear, internal dust buildup, and a loose zoom ring. If you have any questions, you must confirm them in advance. Everyone is not stupid. All used equipment is evaluated based on specific products. Refuse as soon as possible and sell the problematic equipment at a high price using the "fiction" method. In the end, you will be the one who suffers from the return of the product. Less routine, more sincerity and one more friend when the equipment fails;

4. Can you describe the reason why you took this step? Upgraded hardware? Or do you think it doesn't suit you?

5. Do you support online transactions? Or do you want to deal locally and face to face?

4. How to determine the price?

Price is actually a very subjective thing. If you want to close a deal quickly, you can lower the price accordingly. If you are not in a hurry, the price may be closer to the average market price, but as a rule, used deals will be discounted on an original basis. Of course, if you run into some special circumstances, it will be appreciated instead. I once encountered the added value of selling a Nikon 70-200F / 2.8 third generation and Leica M4. At the time, the price of Nikon lenses seemed to go up 20% overall, so the market price for used ones also went up, just in time to catch up, so the market price went up instead. But this is a really unlikely event, so don't be tempted to invest. Of the 10 people who invest in photographic equipment, 9.9 of them are unprofitable. Even limited edition equipment with growth potential has little chance of outperforming inflation.

When evaluating the cost of equipment, first look at the price of the same equipment that is actually sold on Taobao. Because most used equipment is out of warranty, you can refer to the sales price of parallel imported equipment without warranty. If you are purchasing a licensed product for insurance, you can also refer to the current price of the licensed product. If your equipment is in good condition, usually 10% off the reference price is the selling price. Again, when I say good color, I just mean that it hardly wears out or shines. How you use it and how many times you use it has nothing to do with color.

After reading Taobao, let's see how much everyone sells on the used goods platform. Your best bet is to find an item with a similar quality and then compare it to add or subtract your price. If you want to sell it sooner, you can bookmark it below. However, this is not the final price, and the final price should be determined after actual communication with the buyer.

5. Factors affecting the price

1. Market price, if the price of new goods falls, the second-hand goods market will also reduce prices;

2. The specific appearance and color of the product (take a few conventional values ​​on the label for clarification):

98 new: completely new, there are almost no obvious differences from the novelty, the lens is perfect, there is almost no dust inside;

95 New: slight signs of use, but no bulges or obvious scratches (very small scratches are more common on plastic and metal paint surfaces that are not obvious stains); the lens is in perfect condition, there are no obvious large dust particles inside;

90 New: Has obvious signs of use, minor scratches and missing paint; the lens is mainly focused on the appearance of marks, and the lens must be free of scratches and clean;

Below 90: there are usually obvious visual imperfections such as roughness, heavy oil sheen, lens scratches, etc.;

For the above production reference, more defects need to be clearly stated to judge purity;

3. Accessories packaging. If everything is included, then the price is often higher than that of one equipment, and the better the equipment, the easier it is to sell accessories;

4. Personal factors, the price of a used transaction is the resultm negotiations between the buyer and the seller, and the specific position of the negotiations is also a factor in determining the price.

Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

Thus, equipment in full packaging and practically without traces of use can be counted as 98 new;

Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

There are slight bumps, but a product with a perfect lens is most likely considered 92 new;

6. Stay away from these buyers! ! !

1. Buyers who are too concerned about the thinness of lenses do not spare even every grain of ash in the lens. Commonly called "Perfect Master", stay away;

2. Buyers whose ultimate goal is to pick up cheaper are commonly referred to as "Guan Gong". Their mantra is usually "If the price XXXXX is instant" (who's begging you for a second?), but that price is mostly way below market, stay away from them;

3. Buyers who don't fully communicate beforehand but nitpick and want to lower the price after receiving the item are called "practical swordsmen" and they are also people who should stay away. . If you encounter such a buyer, please ask them to return the item directly without further communication. Even if you have already given a very affordable price, they will still give you trouble, so I will basically mark it as "non-transportation quality problems, no return after sale".

4. Poor integrity buyers, this situation is mainly focused on face-to-face transactions. If the agreed time is close to the time of the transaction and you are canceling the transaction, or if you are personally nagging, just cancel it outright.

I once met a customer who was very interested in buying a photography lens and asked if I could exchange with him the same day. I went to the office to see if he needed it (the key point is that he also knows I will take one for him). I just took a camera and was going to trade with him near one metro station, but he said that he was leaving for dinner and could not come. At that time, 10,000 dirty horses ran through my heart and I deleted my contact information without saying a word. If one day you meet such a buyer, don't hesitate~~~

Second hand trading should be a process where you get what you want and what you want. Mutual respect and understanding are very important.

Old driver teaches to play with used equipment (for sale)

The color of the lens must be clearly photographed;

Photographs of the equipment must clearly describe the condition and possible defects.


Case Study:

I happen to be selling a lens for a friend recently, let's take that as an example.

Equipment: Canon EF 16-35/2.8L II USM;

Condition: 96 new, with signs of normal use, no bulges, no signs of fall, overall color is new and clean. The lens uses UV mirror, the lens is transparent, the inside of the mirror is clean, and the performance is perfect. The lens was purchased in Hong Kong in 2014, the packaging is a new version. Since the user is a general enthusiast, the use of the lens is very limited.

Accessories: box included, accessories included and ultra-thin UV mirror (82mm UV mirror is still very expensive). Before the lens cap was lost, I helped him with a highly imitation Canon 2nd generation lens cap, the workmanship is very good and very close to the original. All other accessories are original.

Price: after referring to Taobao and Xianyu, the starting price is 7200 yuan.