Minor faults and solutions when using power tools

Come on friends, are you still worried about your power tool breaking? Here the editor summarizes some little knowledge about faults and shares it with everyone, hoping to help everyone!

After a new rotor or a new stator, the collector always lights up

When a new rotor or stator is just being replaced, the commutator will always light up. A common reason is that the actual rotation of the rotor is opposite to the rotation required by the tool. Another common reason is that the copper spring stator has fallen off or is not hanging on the brush. Solution: Swap the two copper stator springs and reinstall them. If the copper springs fall off, just hang them again.

Solving the problem of oil leakage in power tools

Oil seepage occurs shortly after maintenance and refilling by the user. A common cause is that the grease does not meet the electrical installers' high temperature requirements or too much added. Solution: In summer, add less grease and add more frequently. Power tools should use high-temperature business card grease or special power tool grease.

Rotor often burns out

Tools used by some users burn the rotor after a while, which is mainly caused by misuse by users. The solution is to make sure that the electric tool is selected correctly and the working head is sharp, and before starting work, it is necessary to wait until the electric tool reaches its maximum speed. When the engine overheats, it must be stopped to remove heat. required cross-sectional area.

Irregular numbness with use

During repair, some power tools do not leak when tested with an insulation resistance tester or in the field, but in actual use they leak unevenly. A common cause is that the stator coil is loose. Solution: When shaking the stator coil by hand, when the stator coil is loose, after laying the insulating paper, use quick-drying all-purpose glue to stick the coil and iron core firmly, and adjust the iron sheet that fixes the coil. The fixed sheet of iron is thinner and can be replaced by a thicker sheet of iron.

Mounting bolts are often loose

Due to the strong vibration of hammer and jackhammer power tools, the fixing bolts are often loosened multiple times. Solution: Heat the top flat washer, replace it with a new spring washer each time, apply thread glue to the tip of the screw, and replace it with a slightly longer bolt if necessary.

The spark on the brush is too big

When repairing a power tool, most often the sparks on the brushes hold large ones. Reasonsmainly wear of the brushes, low pressure of the brush springs, burnout of the rotor coil. The stator winding burned out. Solution: If the brush is worn out or the pressure is low, replace it with a new one, and if the rotor coil is burned out, the stator coil must be replaced.

Power tool brush used too short

After replacing the brushes, it can only be used for a few days, or even a few hours. A common cause is severe wear on the rotor commutator. Solution: Replace the rotor with a new one.

In the future, we will collect and disassemble small points of knowledge about this. So the more you know, the more you don't have to go to the repair shop every day, you can do it yourself!