Metal can also be cut by hand DIY jewelry making workshop

Today we will jump from the boring theoretical knowledge and provide you with practical lessons in the jewelry making process. Friends who like it, let's see together!

Working a wire saw in a jewelry making workshop

1. At the edge of the workbench or the edge of the board, place the saw blade and tighten it until it is hard and elastic. A loose saw blade is difficult to use and breaks easily.

2. For the first cut, using the finger on the side of the blade as a guide, gently move the jigsaw up and down until it makes a small cut in the metal.

3. Sweep the smooth back side of the blade, pushing the saw blade to the outer edge of the metal as you turn, and keep moving forward when the corner is complete.

4. If the saw blade is stuck, the metal can find its own balance by lifting the saw blade. Carefully reset the metal entry point so that the blade can cut freely again.

Cutting wire with a jigsaw

1. Attach one leg of the compass to the edge of the metal wire, use the other leg of the compass to draw the marking line, and then use the jigsaw to cut the wire in half.

2. If you want to cut a straight edge, you can use a clamping tool to clamp the wire, lay the wire to the appropriate length, and tighten the screw to clamp it. Cut the wire vertically with teeth at an angle to the edge of the holding tool.

Working on a large wire saw

1. A large jigsaw will come in handy if you need to cut a shape out of a piece of metal. It can be used properly in the same way as a regular jigsaw.

2. Use a hand saw to cut large pieces of material. Pictured is a piece of plastic wax cut to size. A hand saw can be used to cut wood such as oak.

After reading the tutorial on cutting metal with a jigsaw, do you think that the decorations in your imagination can be realized with your hands? But simple cutting with a wire saw is not enough, so in the next edition of Light Luxury, Shang Jiang Xiaobian will present you with an advanced wire saw tutorial, which will greatly help to realize the shape of the decoration. it can silently like, add a gap, the content of the next release is to use a jigsaw to create a void effect.