Turning technology and key points

Turning technology and key points

Turning knurling technology and key points are constantly summed up in processing. In actual processing, it needs to be adjusted according to the situation. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct selection of the wheel type and hardness of the tool handle to meet the needs of rolling pressure.

Turning technology and key points

Cut knurling knife for cardio equipment

1. Due to the depth and width formed in the first circle, the teeth of the wheel in the second circle will match the teeth of the workpiece. Many cutting problems are solved by increasing the feed rate. For axial cut knurling, to complete the cut of this part in 5-10 revolutions, the feed rate should be as fast as possible. Solutions include: changing the diameter of the workpiece, grinding the outer diameter of the wheel, and grinding the inner hole of the wheel a little more than the main size.

2. There will be a lot of pressure during the knurling process, and the wrong lubricating oil will seal or wear the pin or even damage the knurled wheel.

4. Under normal conditions, the rolling depth can only be controlled at about 90% as much as possible. When rolling stainless steel, the rolling speed should be as low as possible. Also, when rolling copper and similar soft materials, the rolling speed should be as high as possible.

5. The drawings require that the diameter of the workpiece be controlled within a reasonable tolerance. Changes in the workpiece will cause changes in the outer diameter of the final product, so the outer diameter of the workpiece must be reduced by a circle before machining.

6. The principle of double disc cutting knurling tool is to use the handle from the end and close the processing. Generally, a straight grinding knurling wheel is used, and the cutting head is set at 30° to cut. good products.

7. When rolling a relatively wide workpiece pattern, you need to understand some requirements of the rolled workpiece. For mesh knurling, using a double wheel cutting tool holder instead of an extruded knurling tool holder is a method to reduce machine pressure.