Types, functions and skills of buying engraving knives "shape"

‚ÄčThe development of cutting tools has a direct impact on improving productivity and machining quality. Material, structure and geometry are the three elements that determine the cutting performance of cutting tools, among which the material characteristics of cutting tools play a key role. . Carving knives are familiar to us, because knives are needed in many places in the house.

An engraving knife is a tool used for engraving. Today, I will introduce you to the types of engraving knives, the function of engraving knives, and skill acquisition.

What types of engraving knives are there?

1. The cutting edge of a flat knife is straight. It is mainly used for grinding and leveling uneven wood surfaces. The large model can also be used to chisel large sizes with a blocky feel. It can be used well, such as the brush stroke effect, it looks strong and powerful, bright and natural. The sharp angle of the flat knife can engrave a line, and when two knives cross, it can remove the knife leg or imprint a pattern. Wooden figurines in Sweden and the Soviet Union mostly use flat knives, which have a strong wood knife flavor.

2. The cutting edge of a triangular knife is triangular because its front is on the left and right sides, and the point is on the middle corner. To make a triangular knife, you must select a suitable tool steel (usually 4-6 mm round steel is used), cut a triangular groove at an angle of 55-60 degrees, grind two waists to a flat state, and grind the end of the mouthpiece into a cutting edge. If the angle is large, the engraved line will be thick, otherwise it will be thin. The triangular knife is mainly used for engraving hair and decorative lines. It is also a widely used tool for engraving and watermarking. When working, the tip of the triangular knife is pressed against the wood board, and the sawdust is spit out from the triangular groove The part pushed out by the tip of the triangular knife Then draw lines.

3. The straight edge of the Zhonggang knife is slanted on both sides, which is why it is also called the "Indian knife". Traditional engraving considers the blade of a Zhongsteel knife to be in the middle and can be used to keep the blade upright and keep the rest of the parts nearby from being electrocuted. Zhonggang knives are also used to engrave patterns and designs on character clothing and props.

4. The cutting edge of the round knife is in the shape of an arc, which is mainly used for round and round dents. It is also very useful for cutting out traditional colors. Conformal processing of a knife. The horizontal movement of the circular knife is less laborious and can adapt to large fluctuations and small changes. What's more, the lines of the round knife are fuzzy, so it's flexible and easy to use. Depending on the use, the models of round knives should be different, and the size range is mainly from 5cm to 0.5cm.

5. The Yuvan knife is commonly known as "monk's head" and "butterfly chisel". When flat and round knives cannot be used, these can be used instead. The characteristic is that it is relatively soft, not as straight as a flat knife, and not as deep as a round knife, so it is suitable for use on concave bumps.

6. The oblique knife blade has an oblique angle of about 45 degrees, which is mainly used for cutting and polyroving corners at the junctions of corners and hollow slots of work. If you want to cut out the corners of the characters' eyes, a slanting knife is more useful. The material knife is divided into oblique front and oblique rear to meet all directions. In Shanghai boxwood carving, strands of hair are usually cut with oblique knives, and the knives move spasmodically and swirling. The effect of carved hair is more vivid and natural than that of triangular knives.

Engraving tool function

1. Flat end cutter: mainly used for cutting materials

2. Spherical end mill: mainly used for surface engraving, embossing and flat engraving of workpiece materials

3. Point cutter: mainly used for V-shaped engraving of workpiece materials, usually used for lettering and line engraving

How to choose and buy engraving tools

1.When purchasing engraving knives, you should familiarize yourself with the selection of the blade length of the woodworking engraving machine. The selection of the blade length should be to add 2-3mm to the thickness of the plate being processed as the most suitable blade length. The rotation speed of the acrylic cutting motor is 18000-24000 rpm, and the blade length of the tool is too long, so it is not suitable for cutting hard materials.

2. When purchasing, the engraving purposes are different, and the selected knives of the woodworking engraving machine are also different. When engraving small text patterns, you should choose knives with a small angle and a small tip. When engraving large text patterns, this does not affect the accuracy requirements. angle and large tip. When designing the processing path of the engraving knife, try to maximize the angle and tip of the tool to improve engraving efficiency. The engraving material is hard, the angle should be large, and the tip of the knife should be large.

3. The carving knives of woodworking engraving machines often break, which is not only due to the quality of the knives. It is also related to your engraving setting habits, engraving machine guide motor accuracy, plate and fixture.

4. Regarding the question of buying engraving tools, the staff should understand that low power spindle motors (with smaller mounts) should choose tools with a small handle (3.175mm, 4.0mm), and the cutting speed should not be too high. Keep minimum resistance in high speed milling to get the best cutting effect. Powerful motors can use large diameter tools to increase the engraving speed.

Many engraving knives are used in the crafting process. You can choose the right knives according to different situations to maximize your engraving efficiency.and get the best results. The pros and cons of engraving knives are determined not only by the performance of the engraving machine itself, but also by the influence of many external factors, so when buying, you need to pay attention to them.