Do you have the necessary scissors for flower shops?

Have you prepared these tools for your flower shop?

1. Machete Flower Arrangement

With a crescent blade on the head, there will be more cutting points when cutting flowers, especially herbs, and looks cooler.

2. Straight knife for flower arrangement

The flower arranging tools have the same functions as the machete, except they are not as cool and the other functions are exactly the same. You can choose knives according to your personal habits. (All knives for flower art are single-edged, that is, one-sided).

3. Wire scissors

It is used for processing iron wire, light and easy to use, light type made in Germany is recommended.

4. Branch shears

Mainly used for working with woody plants, single-sided compression scissors.

5. Ikebana scissors

Relatively old scissors retain their classic shape, and their design does not follow the principles of good human mechanics. In addition, this tool is relatively heavy, so it is very slow to use. Ikebana requires sharp scissors.

6. Multifunction scissors

For frequently used shears, you can choose wire cutters at intersections, which have more functions for cutting wire. Since most of them are contemporary designs, there are especially humanized details in the design functionality and mechanical principles. Those who like the mechanical feel can choose German products, while those who aim for high efficiency and smaller hands can choose Japanese products.

7. Paper cutting

All tools must have their own special category of use, paper scissors are also needed. The main objects of their use are: paper, tape, silk cloth, etc. (Do not cut anything with glue, otherwise the scissors will stick the glue no longer sharp).