What are the ways to cut acrylic?

Acrylic cutting methods include laser cutting, cutting with a hand knife, and cutting with a vibrating knife. detail about the cutting method, its advantages and disadvantages.

Cutting with a hand knife is basically hand cutting with a blade or a chainsaw. Hand cutting acrylic boards requires planning the boards first and then cutting them into a pattern with a hook knife or chainsaw. If you want neat edges, they can be sanded down. It is characterized by great cutting difficulty, low precision and low safety in use. If you use a chainsaw for cutting, it will melt the acrylic, which will have a certain effect on the sophistication of the product.

Vibrating knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine use machine cutting. The two vibrating machines are basically the same except for different cutting methods. The process of cutting acrylic is as follows:1. Scan the pattern you want to cut into an electronic version and the layout software will automatically type

2. Lay the material on the work surface.3. Manually turn on the machine and start cutting.

The characteristics of these two machines: cutting with a vibrating knife is environmentally friendly and smokeless, while laser cutting produces a lot of smoke and smell during the cutting process, which does not protect the environment well. They are all computer-controlled and typed with intelligent typing software, which can increase the material utilization rate by more than 90%. This not only saves materials, but also saves labor and improves operational safety.

The vibrating knife cutting machine can be replaced with various knife heads, round knife, perforation knife, oblique knife, etc. At the same time as the laser machine, it is also suitable for cutting soft materials in industries such as production of clothing, furniture and floor mats, and has a wide range of applications.