PC personal air sampler (new explosion-proof product for environmental emergency)

PC personal air sampler (new explosion-proof product for environmental emergency)

Execution standard

The PC series personal air sampler is a new generation air sampler designed in accordance with the National Occupational Standard of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China "GBZ 159-2004 Sampling Specification for Monitoring Harmful Substances in the Air in the Workplace". The sample received the National Science and Technology Innovation Foundation and support funds from provinces, cities and high-tech development zones.

PC personal air sampler (new explosion-proof product for environmental emergency)

Scope of application:

This instrument is an ideal tool for monitoring and sampling workplace air with toxic, harmful, combustible and explosive gases for health care systems and epidemic prevention at all levels, centers for disease prevention and control, universities, research institutes, industrial and mining companies. The instrument is divided into two specifications and models depending on the sample flow rate: PC-A and PC-B.

Instrument content:

The sampler is composed of imported vacuum pump, microcomputer controller, multi-functional liquid crystal display, sealed battery pack with multiple charging, discharging, overcurrent and short circuit protection, and digital flow components. The body of this series of tools is made of injection-molded polycarbonate, which is flame retardant, moisture resistant and antistatic.

Main functions:

1. The workflow of the sampler is completely completed by the computer software and hardware, which is reliable, easy to operate and highly intelligent;

2.The sampler is equipped with an imported vacuum pump.Users can choose explosion-proof safety control type (explosion-proof certificate number: 320140257) or non-explosion-proof type (mechanical performance is exactly the same), the pump is small in size, low heat generation in long-term operation, reliable operation , low power consumption, high vacuum;

3. With a digital flow meter, the flow value can be displayed on the LCD screen in real time;

4. Adopt advanced pulse width speed regulation, flow regulation can be done automatically, realize constant current sampling, and have good dynamic performance;

5. Special stable flow module ensures flow stability and wide measuring range;

6. The instrument uses a nickel-metal hydride / lithium battery, no battery memory effect, large capacity, long service life, equipped with our company's dedicated charger, the charging effect is good, charging can be completed in 5 hours;

7. The Ni-MH/Lithium battery of the sampler has a specially designed short-circuit protection device to ensure that the sampler operates within the intrinsically safe current range, thereby improving the explosion-proof performance of the sampler. sampler;

8. The instrument has two sampling methods: that is, the workers working at the workplace hang on the belt for long-term sampling, and use the appropriate tripod stand to place it on the workplace for re-sampling.

9. The instrument can be used in one machine and used for sampling poison and dust respectively;

10. The PC-B uses JAVA technology and USB datacringe at the computer.