gardening equipment

gardening equipment

(1) Flower boxes and flower pots

Flower boxes and flower pots can be used not only as containers for planting garden plants, but also combined with other garden decorations, forming a beautiful and harmonious garden landscape.

①Flower box

Flower boxes are usually box-shaped and have a large capacity. They are suitable for planting larger plants and can enhance the overall style of the yard. The most common flower boxes on the market at present include anti-rust wood flower boxes, aluminum alloy flower boxes, PVC flower boxes, plastic flower boxes, etc.

gardening equipment

Modeling flower box 1

gardening equipment

Modeling flower box 2

gardening equipment

Ceramic flower box

②Flower pot

The pots are perfect for small plants and decorative accents in the garden. When choosing a flower pot, consider the style of the garden, the characteristics of the plants, the texture and shape of the flower pot, etc.

According to the material of the flower pots, it can be divided into wooden flower pots, porcelain pots, pottery pots, tile pots, plastic flower pots, cement flower pots and so on. Wooden flower pots, ceramic pots and clay pots have better air permeability. Porcelain pots have more color patterns, and plastic flower pots are rich in styles. Cement flower pots are a popular type of flower pots in recent years.

gardening equipment

terracotta shell

gardening equipment

Terracotta pool II

gardening equipment

Cement pot

Tall plastic pot

Stone pot

(2) flower stand

The flower stand is the most suitable place to grow garden climbing plants, such as creepers, clematis, firecrackers, scorpions, grapes, gourds, etc. When the plants are everywhere on the flower stand, sitting quietly on the bench under the flower stand flowers while watching the flowers and leaves on the shelf sway in the breeze and the sun shining down, how nice it would be.

The flower stand with bamboo rope structure is suitable for planting herbaceous climbing plants such as scallops, morning glory, etc. The flower stand with metal and wood structures is stronger and suitable for planting large vines such as Ling Xiaohua. , Fujimoto rose, Lian iron wire, etc.

Wooden porch frame

Wrought iron flower stand

(3) Garden tools

Gardening tools are also part of garden decor, including shovels, rakes, garden shears, water bottles, garden tool storage carts, etc. A set of easy-to-use and safe garden tools is also important for gardeners.

Flower shovel and flower rake


Flower spade and flower rake 2

3. Garden lighting

Garden lighting can not only ensure the safety of people walking at night, but also enrich the landscape of the courtyard at night and give people a spiritual impact. Bright lights create a cheerful, bright and prosperous atmosphere in the courtyard, and soft lighting in the courtyard can give people warmth and comfort, and make people feel calm and comfortable. Various lighting effects must be selected according to specific needs during design.

(1) Normal lighting

General lighting is generally designed to provide visibility and security of the courtyard at night, which cannot be ignored, including wall lights, chandeliers, road lights and step lights. The wall lamp mainly plays the role of intermediate lighting, and is usually installed on the wall of the courtyard; outdoor and cornice chandeliers play the role of overhead lighting; the road light and stepping board mainly illuminate the garden path and steps so that pedestrians can walk. in the yard Security.

Stair lighting

Wall lamp

Using some creative general lighting can also add color to a patio.

(2) Lighting Effect

Effective lighting should emphasize the landscape of the yard and enhance the atmosphere. Although not necessary, it can create a better atmosphere in the yard.

Spotlights focus on plants, sketches, and sculptures and enhance the scenery in your backyard by reflecting, contrasting, and blocking light.

Applying a spotlight

Light night scene

Small garlands are a type of waspbroadcast, which is now more popular in small courtyards, which can enhance the atmosphere and interest. The string light has a socket version and a battery version. Although the battery version requires a battery change, it can be used without being limited to the socket position and the position can be changed at any time.

Small garlands create a romantic atmosphere

Using small garlands

4. Garden decorations

(1) Sculpture

Sculpture is an artistic and beautiful image created from wood, stone, metal and other materials through carving, engraving and other techniques, or from plastic materials such as clay and resin.

When arranging sculptures in the courtyard, it must be taken into account that the sculptures must be in harmony with the environment of the courtyard and meet the aesthetic requirements of the owner of the courtyard. To make the courtyard space seem cramped, it will clutter up the guests, and if it is too small, good decorative effect will not be achieved .

Deer sculpture

Fountain sculpture

(2) Small decorations

One of the decorations for decorating the garden landscape are small decorations, usually small in size and exquisite in shape. There are plenty of small decorations that could be a car tire repainted after being thrown away, a realistic tin doll, or a bell hanging on the front porch. Interesting, exquisite and beautiful small ornaments complement each other with buildings, sidewalks, plants, etc., which makes the entire courtyard landscape more harmonious and beautiful.

Wind music


Character decorations

Animal ornaments